moon phases and Baro. pressure

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  1. Can anyone direct me to some info on moon phases and barometric pressure and how it effects fishing.

    Talking to some really good anglers it seems I am lacking knowledge of how these things effect the fishing.

    Thanks for any and all info, I really want to up my game this year.

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    Type in your zip code or the zip of the lake you want to fish and get the moon phases and barometric pressure for that area.
    This is one of my favorite weather sites on the net.
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    Fishing Chef - I don't follow moon phases but did keep fishing log last year which included barometric pressure. Don't know what the sites referenced below have to say, but I saw a definite trend... I almost always did better when pressure was falling. I still fish when the mood strikes rather than waiting for the moon and stars and sun to all be aligned but I do think these are decent indicators of how successful you may be on a given day.