Monterey Fishing Lake

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  1. Does anybody have the number to this place? Or even better, has anybody ever been there. I would like to know how much it is to go there and what is actually in the lake, I heard there wasn't even catfish in there, but thats just a rumor I heard.
  2. I live about 5 mins from this lake but no one I have talked to around here knows much about it at all.

  3. Cody,

    Your grandmother wouldn't happen to be Gladys would it? Just wondered because I seen in an earlier post you were from Owensville and that is where I grew up....
    A little info on Lake Monterey......My friend runs the boat rental business on that lake and yes there are some good fish in there.....We went out about 10 years ago (have been recently as well) when it was still shut down and I cleaned up on those bass! My friend (guy who runs it) caught a very, very large crappie....took a picture and everything and ended up ruining the film when I dropped my camera on the ground. You can rent small boats with trolling motors's a nice little excursion on a small lake. Caught most of my fish on Rapalas, small buzz baits, rooster tails.....believe me though, there are fish here and some good ones at that...again mostly crappie and bass but there are some good cats in there too. There is a lot of cover around the sides to make it a good place for bass and crappie. You can try fishing on top of the moss along the edges with a weedless worm or grub too, I find that works good. Anyway good luck out there!
  4. Cody(and all)
    Forgot to tell you you can bank fish there, there are a few open spots and you can do good with live minnows, worms, etc...the best thing to do though is to get one of the will cost you some money though, I believe for the boat rental and an hour and such it is about 20 dollars. There are some great fish here though so don't let that price scare ya. It cost a heck of a lot less to bank fish but again, you can only hit certain spots. Hope this helps a little.
  5. Monterey lake is approximately 14-15 miles from Milford traveling east bound on rt 50. Lake is on left hand side just before you get to the very small town of Monterey. (about 4 miles from Owensville traveling eastbound on 50) This use to be a pay lake way back in the day and they have reopened to the public...again, this is not a big lake but I have caught a lot of nice fish here.
  6. so is it a pay lake? and is it directly on 50 , i live right near edenton on 133 so I believe it is not far
  7. Thanks for the info guys, and my grandmother's name isn't Gladys, but there might be someone in my family with that name. I come from a HUGE family of 300+ people living within 10 miles of Owensville.
    I looked into Lake Monterey and they are open Thursday-Sunday, and starting in around 2 weeks they will start having fishing tournaments there every other Thursday night. I still can't get a number to the place, I stopped in there a few days ago and picked up a flyer, but I still can't find a price either.
  8. Wow, I didn't know there were 300 people living around Owensville!:)

    I actually live on Monterey Road. I might need to go check the lake out.