Monster Franklin Co. Buck

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  1. My father-in-law got this guy last week. Dressed at 220lbs with a 14 point rack. Not bad for Franklin County. [​IMG]
  2. misfit

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    nice buck indeed.and yes,there are some bruisers in and around the columbus area.

  3. That is one heck of a buck!!!
  4. GREAT buck!:) Thanks for sharing with us.
  5. Lewis


    Thats a very nice Buck!
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    Here's a bigger picture for you to enjoy!
    Very nice buck, congrats:

  7. :eek: wow...that is a monster alright. Those inner city deer know how to
  8. I am impressed with how he was able to keep from peeing his pants and still was able to get the shot off...LOL! I know I would have wet myself. That is one heck of a buck. Tell him congrats from all of us.
  9. Nice Buck! what is his width? Did you have him rough scored yet?
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    Nice Buck
    My Aunt Has Had Poachers Shooting Deer Like This From Her Property....
    Still GOOD FOR HIM!!!!!
  11. Very nice deer. Congratulations to him
  12. cant beat that great deer
  13. Mushijobah

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    NOTHING like Urban hunting!! How close to downtown? I like that measurement...just for fun!
  14. Awesome buck! Congrats to him, has he stopped shaking?
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    Outstanding Buck:!
  16. You don't have to give details, but I have to know- public or private land?
    Awesome buck!!
  17. Holy smokes!!! Great buck-CONGRATS!!!!!
  18. Mushijobah

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    Private land...there is only a tiny segment of public hunting in Franklin County. This is just an educated guess.
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    That is an awesome buck - If you guys haven't spent much time around Columbus and Delaware county, you wouldnt believe the bucks just north of town. Every year I see some of the most massive bucks I've ever seen and a lot of times you'll see multiple bruisers together at one time. Seeing the bucks isn't a problem, talking someone into giving you permission to hunt in their back yard is.
  20. hell thats an awesome buck for any county, let alone franklin. tell him congrats!