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monster channel cat

Discussion in 'Northwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by fshnfreak, Aug 10, 2007.

  1. fshnfreak

    fshnfreak I fish therefore I am!!

    i have been fishin a lil spot in fostoria alot lately. this place has been producing alot of channels between 5-10 lbs. well last night i trulely lost a monster cat. i was fishing live whole gills on the bottom when my clicker took off. i fought this guy for about 15 minutes when i finally got it to me my net was about 10 feet away. my first mistake trying to land that thing with my bare hands i reached down to try and slip a finger under the gill plate and my line snapped. this fish was massive it was atleast 34 inches long and the damn thing had a huge head on it. it never got to see my scale but i estimate about 13- 15 lb range definately would have been my personal best.
  2. a 13-15lb channel is a trophy indeed! any pics?

  3. dip

    dip dip

    el dink musta been out in da heat 2 mucho.
  4. neocats1

    neocats1 Team Catastrophe

    Things go that way sometimes.
  5. H2O Mellon

    H2O Mellon Hangin' With My Gnomies

    I think my PB channel is 11.2#'s, so that would have blown my PB out of the water!
  6. Don't beat yourself up too bad - it happens!!! I have to admit I forgot my net when bank fishing a river in central Ohio once and after 5 hours with no bites finally hooked up. I got it to the bank and it was a nice flathead (I would estimate around 20lbs) and I did the exact same thing - line snapped and away he went:(

    You will have another chance and make sure you take a net with you!

    It is rare to catch a channel in the lakes much over 10lbs; I have put in hundreds of hours and the largest I caught was just over 11lbs (Hoover). My best channels have both come from the OH River @ 15-7 and 17-3. I know the 17-3 was 36 inches long, but they vary in weight a lot, so a 34 incher could go as much as 18+.
  7. must be the long work hours, i was freaking beat this morning when i posted that. few cans of brewskies doesnt help either:p
  8. fshnfreak

    fshnfreak I fish therefore I am!!

    well i had my net with me but it was 10 or so feet away that fish ran me up and down the bank. i figured he was tired enough i could grab him up. i figured wrong.
  9. dip

    dip dip

    if it will make you feel better as far as i'm concerned it counts as a "catch". sure is exciting to hook up with a hard fighting channel!
  10. My brother joe 01 and i got a couple of 13 to 15 pounders channels out of a farm pond unbeliveable fight. U know they get better looking the biger they get. fish that is.
  11. fshnfreak

    fshnfreak I fish therefore I am!!

    well im counting it as a catch too but i wanted pics and an official weight would have been nice. oh ya and some measurements.
  12. bassmaniac

    bassmaniac Fish now, sleep later

    fishnfreak, I know for sure there are some giants out in res. 5 in fostoria. Saw them while the DNR was doing an electroshock population study a couple years ago. I saw one that I wouldn't even want to try to guess at how much it weighed, I know they took 19 different hooks out of it.
  13. crittergitter

    crittergitter Multi Species Angler

    This fish caught by my uncle was approx 27" and I believe it was approx 10 lbs or so. I don't think we got a scale on her though. Sure was a biggun. [​IMG]

    The biggest I have ever caught myself and weighed was a 28.5" channel that we put on the scale to show 9.2 lbs. The fish I had a hold of right before I caught that one I was never able to control and it wrapped me around the anchor rope...........that's the one catfish I wish I could have a "do over" on but that's how fishing goes sometimes.

  14. A freind of my buddy caught a 20 lb channel Sunday night 8/12 on the Muskingum River - largest I have ever seen. He and his nephew also caught 4 flatheads; 6, 22, 26 & 42 lbs:B

    Bad news (IMO) is they kept every one of those fish and plan to eat them:confused: Beside the fact I release all the large fish I catch I can't imagine eating fish that old from the Muskingum River - yuck!

    I guess they hit the Muskingum a half dozen times a year and keep everything regardless of size; I hate to hear that, but I know it happens:mad:
    At least they will eat them I guess.
  15. what part did they fish, if I may ask?
  16. Catdaddy - I am not sure, but I know it was one of the most southern pools as I know the bait shop where they picked up some gold fish (@$3 each!); which by the way accounted for everything but 1 flat that took a sunfish.

    I know they fish from the Zanesville area south on their trips and the older guy has been fishing the river for 40 years+.
  17. Update - these guys fished again (used the 5th street exit in Zanesvill and fished that pool) and caught 6 fish, 1 channel and 5 flatheads; largest 12.8 pounds. They said they lost a 40+ at the boat. Flats took crappie and lm bass caught from a private quarry.