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  1. I know this sounds dumb to all you expert fishermen, but I am relatively new to fishing, and I would like to know what would happen if I trolled w/2 rods; both with same size shad rap, same amount of line let out. The only difference would be that one would be set up w/10lb mono, and the other would be set up w/10lb fireline. Would the shad raps run at the same depth? What would happen? Thanks.
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    all things being equal,the fireline will take the rap deeper.not sure how much,but maybe someone with the precision trolling book can give depths for both,if you give size/type rap.

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    If you used the Fireline that has equal diameter to 10lb mono, they would both run the same depth. If you used the Fireline that has equal strength mono, it would have a smaller diameter, and run deeper.
  4. As stated, the Fireline will run deeper. The 10# Fireline has a diameter of 4# mono. Here are some conversion chart depths from the Trolling Guide for the two:

    10# Mono / 10# Fireline
    4' / 6.5'
    6' / 7.5'
    8' / 10'
    10' / 13'
    12' / 15'
    14' / 18'

    This assumes the same amount of line out, same lure and same height of the rod tip above the water. It really shows you how much drag there is on a round (non-streamlined) body and how sensitive drag is to diameter.

    The Precision Trolling Guide is a good guideline, but not the answer to all of life's questions. You will notice the data above is a little inconsistent at the shallower depths.
  5. Thanks guys. I guess my question now is how can I make my shad rap consistantly run at 15'-16' using mono? What #test, how much line should I be throwing out? I want to shy away from fireline if possible.
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    i'm not sure of the depth range of the deep diver.if it will reach those depths,without some kind of guide,you'll need to experiment with amount of line out.cranks can be run on 3 way rigs or bouncers,to get them on the bottom in deeper water.again experimenting with weight/line out will be needed to get the desired results.
  7. Good luck. The ONLY Shad Raps that will run that deep are #8 and #9 standard balsa models or the #7 rattling Shad Rap (plastic). Those three lures max out at 15' deep with 200' of 10# mono. Keep in mind that most lures "rated" to dive to 20' will never get there.

    So if you are serious about needing to troll with your lures in the 15'-16' range, you'll probably have to look at Fireline or look into a snap weight setup. I have no experience with the snap weights.
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    Snap weights can be a good way to go. I have them and like them. The Precision Trolling book already mentioned covers them also.