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1 fish is a he!! of alot more than none.
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Fished a couple hours on Monday from 1030-1245. SW winds produced a drift .5-.7mph. We were a few miles offshore in 17-19 fow. We made 3 drifts and caught 3 small walleye 15.5-16.5 inches. We threw them back to grow for next year. We caught some sheep, one nice white bass and a 10 inch yellow perch. A fun day with my daughter and mother in law. All walleye were caught on green/yellow erie dearie with a 5 count and pull, pause, reel retrieve. We were marking active fish on top 1/3 of water until 1130. Funny thing, gold erie dearie didn't produce 1 fish with the same retrieve. Also tried a green/ yellow harness off the bottom and 1 sheephead. Minnows on a crappie rig produced the perch and white bass.

Great day to be out. One other observation, green algae is blooming all over the area.

tight lines,
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