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Monday Nite

Discussion in 'Bucks and Does' started by 5Cent, Oct 11, 2004.

  1. It was absolutely perfect/beautiful out tonite. Slight NE breeze, but again, no deer! Didn't even see any on the 15min drive home.
  2. yes it was a great evening out for me also. i got in my stand after school at about 4. in about 10 min i had a nice doe sneak up behind me then while i was watching her another doe come in front of me. i was waiting for the doe in front of me to come out from behind abush then all the sudden the doe hears some stupid idiot comiong up on a dirtbike, this really made me mad #1 bc it scared off my deer, #2 they were tresspassing on my land an #3 the tresspassed on the metroparks new land right next to me. so i knew the day was over once they came up and scared everything away, so i got down and went to fing the number the the ranger office , and when i did i realized i had lost my cell phone in the woods. but i was still happy to have seen 2 deer on my land. i usually dont see anything whuile i am out.