Monday morning at Berlin

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  1. Just got back from Berlin. Water temp was between 43 in some bays and 41 out in the lake. Not a bump. Most fish were showing on sonar in about 30' to 50' of water. Also, I don't remember seeing as many nets out as this year. At least two between the Bonner Rd. boat ramp and the causeway on the west side of the lake and one on the east side. Also there were at least 3 nets along the causeway.

    I wonder if the dnr is planning on raising more walleye this year.
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    On both Sat & Sun, there were 5 sets of nets out: 3 by the causeway, one near the public ramp north of Les's and one due south of the causeway by beach over towards Mill Creek. I didn't know they put that many out....!