monday evening cold front pond bass!!!!

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  1. hit up a large pond this evening with reelmanly and we didnt get hit for the first hour and then we hit a double he hooked one and as i was watching him reel in i hooked this one!!!!!!!!!!

    wow that is a great ohio bass. thank you once again chuck for letting me tag along and being able to hook that big momma!!!!!!! so onto the fishing report, we struggled for the first hour with no bites, then doubled, and managed about 7 fish, with this one and a nice looking 2.5-3 lber caught by the manly one and then all the others were viscious little 6 inchers with attitudes. then we got ran off the lake by the wind! sorry guys, no measurements or weights, just unhooked her took pics and sent her back, figured it was about a 6-7lber.
  2. another pic. had the fiancee measure from the ouside of my right arm/shoulder to the other and it was 24 inches, so the fish was about 25inches.

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    Very nice picture. And more importantly, nice bass. Ponds are good spots not only to practice new techniques, but also to catch giants too.

    Good job!
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    Healthy looking fish!