Moms earrings caught serious fish

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Agent47, Jul 10, 2007.

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    First off, LADIES, this is not a gender shot at ANY way towards you. There has been numourous times when I have been tempted to ask my mom if I could borrow her earrings to fish with. Mind you all my mom wears these earrings that make me wonder how in the heck she can hold her head up. After razzing her for years I told her "I know I could catch fish with your earrings you have on today"... and it was on. So I rigged up a hook and off to Friendship lake I went. 24 Gill, 3 perch, 1 rock bass and a few small ones. I stand firm yet shocked..
    After a few laughs I came to the conclusion with my mom that she better not swim with them on.
    Guys...if you get a chance see if ma or that lady friend will let you borrow a pair..LOL

  2. I don't find any offense at all... actually I have thought about that a few times myself. I work in an office that is about 95% women and a lot of them have the fancy earrings. Try it out a few more times and maybe you have come up with a new lure, make some money off it.

  3. When I was little, my brother and I hooked up a pair of my mom's earrings. They were round spoon-shaped, and in our little pond, the bass KILLED it. I actually have it in my tackle box now, maybe I should give it a try....
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    I did the opposite thing and made my girl earrings out of chartreuse beads
    and tiger stripe blades off her perch rigs! She wears them fishin all the time...:D
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    Nice little lure you created there, agent... I guess with a little ingenuity it just demonstrates how fish like to bite shiny things!
    I can just see the little lady and I out on the town and I'm staring at her and she's getting all sentimental while the whole time I'm thinking, MAN! I'll bet them babies would rake in the crappie! :D
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    Congrats Agent47! !%

    All Eyes, your killing me over here! :D
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    There has to be a market for these! Great job.
  9. Classic........

    great bit.. and pic!!!!!!!!