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Moments to remember

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Shortdrift, Aug 11, 2004.

  1. Sitting here today, hoping this cold front gets out quick along with the wind, and started thinking about past fishing trips. One of the memorable trips was last fall on Elk Creek with a friend (Dan) from the Cleveland area and another fisherman (Ron...a great name :p) we met that day on the creek. Ron was really into the steelhead in a fairly short run and he invited Dan and I to share it with him. We took turns at the hed of the run and caught fish all afternoon, one after another. Finally, that run closed down as the late afternoon sun shaded the stream and fresh fish began to migrate upstream.
    Dan found a run behind a large flat topped, slightly submerged boulder that produced a fish on each cast provided you landed the fly on the top of the boulder and let it was down. Steelhead after steelhead, some in the 28/29" range with most around 24/26" and all chrome. :cool: What an evening, right up to dusk. Dan and I bid farewell to Ron and started our long ride home but talked about the fantastic day and relived just about every catch.
    Ron and I spoke by phone the next evening and discussed how much fun it was to share the water and the day and wanted to do it again.
    Unfortunately I lost Ron's phone number and have not been able to see him again on the Elk. :( Maybe this year when Dan and I start making our steelhead forays again. This trip will always be remembered by me. :)
  2. In 1984, my dad, sister and I flew up to vermont to fish the Lake Champlain International Fishing Derby. I was 14 and could barely contain my excitement. The derby is always held over Father's Day weekend and lasts 3 days. Friday was cold, damp and dreary, rained pretty much the whole day and the smallies were not in a mood to bite. Saturday was a little better but still rainy off and on and still very few fish. Sunday dawned clear but a south wind kicked the lake up with solid 3 to 5' waves. Talk about a let down! I was really bummed that we were not able to fish much. My dad and Uncle decided to quit early, go home and pack for the morning flight and try to get back on the lake for the evening if the winds quit. (needless to say, I thought we were done for good)

    We headed back to the lake around 5 or so and found the lake to be calming down. We headed out to a particular point and by the time we made the run, the lake had turned dead calm. The derby ended at 6:30, we started catching smallmouth arond 6:15! We said the heck with the derby and had a few hours of fishing that perhaps only occur 2 or 3 times in a lifetime. We caught over 20 fish that were at least 3 pounds or better with my dad catching one that nudged the scale past 5#'s plus many other smaller fish. All on surface lures and often time casting to active fish. At some point, someone up on the point began to play the bag pipes. We fished the last hour of light on one of the prettiest lakes around, dead calm, catching huge smallies and listening to the haunting sounds of the pipes rolling across the water. The four of us still remember it like it was yesterday, looking back it, it is much more of an important memeory now than it was then.

    P.S. Shortdrift-thanks for jogging the memory!