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Discussion in 'Sports Talk' started by papaperch, Sep 1, 2007.

  1. HA! HA! HA! HO ! HO! HEH ! HEH!

    Hope big bad Appy State didn't beat the big blue fellas too bad. Maybe next year you guys can find a real cupcake to beat up on. Wonder if the Salvation Army Marching Bands flag football team is busy next Sept. ?

    Michigan ought to be hanging their heads in SHAME. Along with their fans especially the ones who live in Ohio. Wonder how many OSU fans live in Michigan ?:S
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  2. Bubba bass bigfoot

    Bubba bass bigfoot Lucky Fisher, or skilled?

    Whats up with the Michigan sucks? We dont suck, hats off to Appalachian Mt. They were ready to play this game and wanted it more. Blue thought it was an easy win. We picked the wrong team for a win. They do avg 7 tds a game, were on a 14 game winning streak and won back to back the last to years their divisions NC. They have good number, good player and a good coach. blue does not suck we just were not to smart in that one.
    Not trying to say anything but i think Mt would have made a game of it with OSU and won. Their kinda like boise st, over looked until now.

  3. YAWN excuses are like (__!__) 's everyone has them
  4. starcraft

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    HAHAHAHA this lost is the worst in the history of Um football. Carr is finished after this season and so is Hart Hennie they go down as losers in my book never won a bowl game or beat OSU. Michigan really does suck. Their season is over b4 it even started sad!!!:D
  5. Chuck P.

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    Michigan= The FIRST ranked Team in the HISTORY of College Football to be beaten by an unranked, 1-AA Team.

    How can you not beat up Big Blue? They were "projected" to battle for the National Title this year. What a joke.
  6. shwookie

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    Hahahha. Seriously come on.

    All I'm hearing is excuses.
    All those stats mean jack squat.

    Also, just because your team was horribly motivated and even more horribly coached, don't think osu would of been put in the same situation. We played a comparable opponent and won by 32.
  7. Shame on you Michigan you just gave the big ten a black eye that will never go away;) Cannot make excuses they were out classed by a high school team. Could not happen to a better group of trash talking losers! :D
  8. Bubba bass bigfoot

    Bubba bass bigfoot Lucky Fisher, or skilled?

    you call us the trash talkers.
    and if you want to talk about looking bad, what happened in the Nc last year. you guys could have atleast tossed up more than 14 points up. and as excuses go wow should have heard all the ones i heard after that. and they had no stats backing them up.
    Great caoching Mr.Sweater vest in the game.

    WE WILL BEAT OSU THIS YEAR. And have only 1 loss on the record.
  9. I just noticed something....didn't you have a bunch of UM stuff in your signature for a long time? Don't be ashamed...
  10. Bubba bass bigfoot

    Bubba bass bigfoot Lucky Fisher, or skilled?

    Yeah i did, I am a Michigan Fan.
    I'm not ashamed.
  11. triton175

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    There really is nothing to be ashamed of. Appalachian State is a good team. Last year they beat Elon, Wofford AND Mars Hall. "Big Blue" was just outplayed by a better team. No shame there.
  12. KaGee

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    It's only the first game. The gloat-fest could come back to haunt you. ;)
  13. jeffmo

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    okay,i can't stay out of this one any longer.
    true,ohio state got WHIPPED in the nc game last year but,out of curiosity what bowl game did michigan play in last year?
    see,2nd place in the nation is way better than where michigan finished!
    remember this,mr. sweater vest and the boys have owned the girls from up north at home AND in the big house.
    maybe michigan should join the mac!

    you could make alot of money in ann arbor selling bumper stickers with that slogan on it!!!!
  14. true2plue

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    You're right, we did play bad in the NC game last year. But we earned the right(by Beating Michigan) to play in that game. Many Michigan fans last year mentioned to me after some close games, that it doesn't matter how many points you win or lose by, it's all about the W or L. What happened yesterday is in the history books. This has never happened before in college football. All I have to say is BLOW BLUE!!LOL!!!:D
  15. Hey Bubba, hate to tell ya, well not really, but Mr. Carr will spell his name with 6 L's after this november! I hope he diecides to stay another year, I sure am glad that Henne, Hart, have decided to come back and choke their senoir year! GO BUCKS!!!
  16. Exactly, I could be wrong but didnt Appalachin state beat YSU for that title last year? YSU is in my opinion the same level team as Appalachin State.
  17. All I have to say is Ohio State 1-0 and Michigan 0-1. :D :D :D
  18. ParmaBass

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    DUDE, it's not like we're saying that you suck....... Just the team you root for does!! They lost to a bunch of 12th graders! Elon and Wolford?? Huh? lol
  19. Lundy

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    I feel your pain. Had OSU lost to YS yesterday it would have been miserable. OSU hasn't given the fans too many occasions to feel bad about for a bunch of years now. The NC game was a huge letdown, but stuff happens.

    I can appreciate how you must feel being a MI fan. Great talent, top recruiting classes year after year, and they still continue flounder around year after year, underachieving. Sounds like a lot of years at OSU when John Cooper was the coach.

    I'm neither happy or sad that MI lost to AS. I would much rather MI would have been undefeated in Nov and ranked 1 or 2 when OSU visits them and kicks their butts yet again.
  20. The fact of the matter is that Michigan lost to a 1-AA school. I don't care if they won the last two national championships, what happened Saturday should never have happened. How many blue chip recruits does App. St. have? I'm guessing zero. Michigan? They have a whole roster full.

    Yes, we did get blown out in the NC game last year, but hey...we were there! Michigan fans complained that they didn't have the chance to play in the game, but hey you guys still lost your bowl game to USC, so way to back that up.

    Also, you don't have nothing to say about Jim Tressel...HE OWNS YOU! 5-1 record against Michigan...what do you have to say about that?

    To feel bad for Michigan...never! I love to watch Michigan lose! Saturday was a great day. My wife's whole family is Michigan fans and I will never let this one die!...LOL

    Also, would someone please give Lloyd Carr a lifetime contract!