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Mohican River

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by catfisherman, Jul 1, 2004.

  1. Hey everyone, Im planning a canoe trip on the Mohican River this weekend and was wandering if it would be worth bringing a fishing pole. If the fish are not biting then im not going to bring it, dont wanna take the chance of loosing it, (we horseplay alot, flipping boats, etc.) but if the fish are biting then i will take a chance. what should i use. should i bring a fly rod or just a regular spinning combo. any info will help, i have never fished the river while canoeing. so any help would be appreciated. I will be fishing for what ever is biting.
  2. With all the people that'll be there for the holiday it probably isn't work taking anything along. With all the comotion in the river fish won't be biting to well and you'll probably just get frustrated. Plus I wouldn't risk losing my stuff. Lots of canoes + lots of beer = lost fishing pole. Besides, with as my carp are in that river you can probably just smack em over the head with your paddle. If you do take your gear good luck. Hope it's lots of fun! :)