mohican clearfork river brown trout

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  1. Hey all, I'm new to Loudonville and I'd love any/all advice on catching browns in the clearfork. I flyfish and Would like info as to how soon I can catch em and what type of flies are generally best.
  2. catfish, first off, welcome to OGF. As far as catching browns on the Clearfork goes, as long as it's not frozen over it's fishable. I usually use nymphs, PT, copper johns, hares ears, caddis, etc.
    Check out the Fly Fishing forums on here and search for posts about the Fork.

  3. Try the Gatton rocks area. The camp ground in mohican has fish in it but gets hit hard. It's better if you walk a little up or down from there. Toss a big streamer for the :B has stream reports and what flys are working there also. The ODNR link here has a printable map with access locations. If you don't mind the drive Mad river has trout in it too. Try @ Urbana as the trout are spread out the farther south you go. Good luck let us know how you do .

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    I had good luck at Gatton rocks, and downtown bellville. I always spin-fished, and they eagerly took little spinners!
  5. There are a couple good deeper holes down from the Covered Bridge in Mohican, I've caught some larger fish on muddler minnows, and watched an ol' chap pull in footballs on a big ugly black streamer he had tied himself. When the bite gets light, I cheat and use a couple wax worms on a smallish hook. ;) As far as Gatton, if you're not familiar with that area, head up 97 towards Bellville, as you come out of Butler you cross the river, take a left just over the bridge, that will take you up to Gatton. Good luck!
  6. hey all. i didnt know where i could catch browns in ohio. id love to catch a couple. i use a spinning rod so i was wondering if i could catch them with that and also what would i use for them. i steelhead fish alot but im sure browns r a whole new ball game. thanks alot.
  7. I've never used spinning gear, used a fly rod. If you're used to catching steelies, you will likely be disappointed in the fight with a brown. This fish was caught a few years back, put up a decent fight on the fly rod. [​IMG][/IMG]
  8. i thought about coming out with some in line spinners. would i have a chance at catchn browns on that next week? also is it even fishable right now? i live in canton so im not sure how far it is but would love to catch a brown trout.
  9. You should be able to catch them on inline spinners. I caught browns in the Mad on them before and have seen reports from the Mad in the past couple weeks in which people were using inlines to catch browns. So if you do go down there, you should be fine. Just stick close to the bottom in the deeper holes is what I have been told.
  10. ok so am i better off going to the mad river or clear fork. will be goin next week and using some inlines. thanks guys
  11. in the winter if you use in lines go small. I fly fish the mad and see the guys throwing spinners do better when the water is warmer. right now the water temps are in the 30's, they will chase some days but they would rather have somthing hit them on the nose. if you go, the areas right where the current slows into the pool in mid depth pools, the deepest ones never seem to hold as many fish, the tail of the pool can also be good.
    please switch to single hooks on spinners and catch and release!! if you release them they will grow!
  12. thanks. always catch and release. never keep trout. im having a replica mount done on a steelhead right now. really dont keep any fish except mayb some walleye from erie.
  13. I am a catch and release guy too, that brown was caught about 10 years ago. But realize for the most part the browns in the Clear Fork are stocked by the ODNR, and the water gets for the most part too warm and shallow for them to sustain there, so not sure how much bigger they can get, can't speak for the Mad. The Mohican does get fished pretty hard after stocking, I would check with ODNR website to see if there has been or will be any stocking, I haven't fished it in several years, the last time just catching maybe 10 inchers. Mad River Outfitters usually posts current conditions for you also.
  14. thanks tom. hey ill b happy with 10 inchers. iv been couped up n the house for awhile and wanna get out and catch some fish. all the rivers up north r froze up and i jus dont know where to go and catch fish right now.
  15. I wouldn't be surprised if the immediate area around the covered bridge is ice covered, not sure how far they run upstream, but you might try just below pleasant hill dam, if there is any discharge going into the river it may be open there.
  16. Chopper, a #2 panther martin silver blade yellow w/ red dots is a good spinner for the mad or clearfork. I've caught tons of trout on it at both palces.
  17. dark 1.5in crappie tubes swam through the pools will also work if you cant get the spinner down enough
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    The best and easiest way to catch Browns is to use nightcrawlers on bottom. They'll hit that ll day long.:)
  19. is the covered bridge down from pleasant hill spillway that the covered bridge your talking about
  20. I'm actually going to head down there this Sat am to try my luck...I fly for them and have spent a good amount of time there. PM me if you need some info....