mohican clearfork browns FLYROD

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  1. Hey all, I have been down in the clearfork 2 times in the last week, upstream and downstream from camp a with no success. Any advice on flies and sizes, where to fish, and technique would be appreciated. I have flyfished a long time just never for trout... we dont have them in NW ohio. Please info on flyfishing only. Thanks!
  2. winter browns
    go small, always have somthing on that is sparse and a #16 or 18. pheasant tails, black copper johns or my favorite zebra midges. light tippets help with a natural drift. nymph with a small indecator and put it way above the flies (6-10 ft) fish seams in deeper pools
    if you see risers fish a small griffiths gnat
    streamers are always a good bet, go as big as you can throw.