Mogodore reports?

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  1. Not seeing too many lately. Is that good or bad?
  2. Friday 8:00pm drive by report:

    Nobody night fishing anywhere at Mogadore including the following areas:

    Rt 43 Boathouse: Both West Side or East Side
    Congress Lake Road: Both West Side & East Side
    Lansinger Rd Boat Stake Area
    North Dike/Sunnybrook
    North Dike/Old Forge

  3. I'm sure they'll be out in full force tomorrow...
  4. anyone got a report from mogadore today? thx
  5. snag


    saw a couple of guys west of the 43 boat house on far side of the cattails they went through the woods to get there,no tracks from the fishing pier area,mog bait said guys off of clr area three to four in of ice...
  6. may head to mogadore in a few, see whats going on,, gonna try and get out sunday
  7. snake69

    snake69 Equal opportunity fishing

    I guess it's possible to not have at least 4-5" of ice on the west side by now, but it sure seems impossible!! Think I'll head up this week one day. Laid off for a few weeks and I might as well enjoy it!!!:p I don't care much for little gills unless one of the kids are with me. Would much rather go for some decent crappie. If anyone has had any luck, comment on it! Don't need spots as I like to explore and find my own!
  8. crooked stripe

    crooked stripe fishn and flyn

    Stopped by to watch this morning and there where 13 huts on the ice east of CLR. Don't know if they where catching anything. Wasn't dressed for it. That was about 11:00 am.
  9. 2:15 pm Drive-By Saturday 01/17

    Didnt see anyone on the West side of St Rt 43, but did see 2 vehicles parked at the Boathouse Parking Lot.
  10. Pikedaddy

    Pikedaddy just catch 'em'

    I just got off of Mogadore. All and all it was a pretty productive day. The ice was at least 4" @ C.L.