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  1. Heading out to Mogadore tonight after work for some bass fishing. Anyone been out since the cold front? Thought of using the old trusty Rebel popper, but was wondering if its still too cool.
  2. No luck tonitght, but it turned out to be a a nice evening. Only thing working was the popper, caught a dinky bass and a decent bluegill.

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    Topwater is my personal favorite for bass. Have you ever caught any northerns or muskies at Magodore? Back when I was at Kent I fished there a few times and caught some great crappies. Could've sworn we saw a muskie chasing some slabs up onto the HUGE downed tree across the lake from the ramp. I'm sure you know the one.
  4. If you head out to Mogadore Bait and Tackle they have a few pictures of some muskie's caught out at Mogadore.
  5. The muskie must have eaten all the crappie over 8". I wish they would go on a diet and eat smaller meals...
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  6. Haven't landed any muskie, but I have seen a few northerns landed, nothing huge, 20" range. You must've been launching from the north ramp or the boat stakes, but I know the tree your talking about. I am fishing it next time Im out.
  7. I'm not sure if it was the weather we had, but I went to Mogadore yesterday from 7:00 to 12:00 and I did not catch a single thing. It was a rough day of fishing.
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    Was there on Saturday from 7 till 2 and only one small bass to show for my efforts. Fished shallow, deep, mid-range - Nada...:mad:

    Didn't see anyone else catching anything either. From what the guys at the boathouse told me there were lots of bass and panfish caught on Friday - guess I missed good fishing by that much :(

  9. I was ther Saturday from 9 to 2. Had 8 Bass. Seems like they are suspended.
  10. Well, I may try again next week or go out to springfield lake. Maybe, I will have better luck out there.
  11. The girlfriend and I fished about 8pm to 9:30pm last night. Caught a lot of crappie and Bluegill almost every other cast on maggots and black ants about 3' below bobber. Glad I taught her to take her own fish off the hook, makes it easier for me to fish. No size to brag about, but good to get out. Talked to a guy who lived up the road and he did OK on the Bass.
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  12. :mad:
    I have Bass fished for years and not even a follow! :( I do fish with a buddy who has pics of the one that got away, (a lower 40" fish) he lost back in the early 80's.
  13. Are you sure there Northern's? I have heard of guy's cathcing Grass Pike but not Northern's. Thank's
  14. MM

    They would have to be state record grass pikes since grass pike usually arent longer than a foot.
  15. Out Mogadore last night in the boat. Alot of Crappie and perch, no size. I'll find them one of these days. We picked up 2 Channel cats in the 15"-17" range. Saw the Fish that eat the weeds eating the weeds. Well that sounded stupid, but I did see those Big things.
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  16. That was where I was going, more like a World Record.
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    Muskies in there are el-naturale....meaning, none of them should be kept. The chances of a musky sucessfully spawning in Ohio waters is about 1 in 250,000.
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    and because of that whenever someone does pull one they are usually massive fish. i hooked one last year by the north dyke bass fishing, snap. a couple years ago my buddy had one eat the crappie he was reeling in, the fish just kept going like nothing was wrong and spooled my buddy, he was using an ultralight.

    from growing up walking distance from the reservior, i have fished it pretty extensively over the years grass pickerel, northerns, muskie, they are all in there.
  19. crg,
    I have heard of Muskies years ago, but I haven't caught a Northern or Grass Pike and I have hit it pretty hard over the last 6-7 years. i'll have to keep at it.I'm in a 14' white deep vee, give a wave if you see me.