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  1. Does anyone know if the gate to mogadore on old forge has been opened yet? It's a bit of a hike to get to my spot, about a good mile. Walked it the other day and someone was in my spot. went to another spot and caught 2 small perch and a dink bass.
  2. i drove by a couple days ago and it was still closed. I live not far from there so if I drive by again and notice it open i'll be sure to post.

  3. As of Sunday, it was still closed. I parked at the gate and rode my bike while wearing my waders to the north shoreline. Didn't catch anything, but had a good time. I met a guy who lives along the path and we jibbered for a while. Also cleaned up north dyke rd of alot of debre. I hung a bag on the gate so hopefully someone will follow suit.
  4. Thanks Mike. Looks like I'm walking. LOL I'll carry it with me Joe and see how full it gets. I walk down to the other side of the north dyke. Dave
  5. Joe You live in ellet? Thats where I live, I'm over near the Ellet IGA. Kinda still right next to goodyear heights/tallmadge line
  6. It's still closed, I drive by the lake every day on my way home from work. I'll post when open.
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  7. It's open. That is one of the only lakes where you can catch a croppie a bass and a catfish out of the same hole.
  8. Mike, I'm over behind the new Wallgreens. Hey dcross how ya been? I'm still using the leftover bags the city gave us for the clean up. I filled a bag last night over at the Palm rd parking area.

    I fished a back bay thats usually off limits due to a log laying over the opening. I managed a few nice gills, but with the spawn around the corner I let em go.