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  1. anyone been fishing for bass at mogadore or catching any.What do they bite this time of year and when does the top water bite usually turn on. There is a tournament out there this weekend cant wait to see what wins it.
  2. The topwater bite turned on for me last year around mid-May. I probably caught 50 bass over Memorial Day weekend out there, all on topwater.

  3. I'm very interested too- looks like the weather might throw a curve...but then again one of the best early season bites in local tournament history occurred during driving freezing winds and snow after an early warm spurt.

    Aunt moggie has the potential to spit some TOADS early- the trick might be to catch 5 of em'!!! i'm goona say right now that 14lbs wins it- someone will have a 5+ for big fish. I'd guess that a skinny jig bite or plastic worked in shallows will previal (I always do think this :) )

    hope to see some OGF'rs make it out to the EEI weigh-in Saturday- small group of the most intense electric only bassers' you can find!!! More spots are open:

  4. You should have a good day.I caught seven today. The largest was 3lb.10 oz. smallest went 2lb.12 oz. Had to fight the wind, but it was well worth the effort. Water temp. is up to 55. Turned them on pretty good. GOOD LUCK.
  5. we got skunked today on panfish.Went out at 6am til noon and got 7 lil gills no crappie at all
  6. sady dog

    sady dog sady dog

    I used to fish mog. all the time with my dad.. big red ears!!!
  7. Sady dog, You shouldn't talk bout your Dad like that !! :p Just kidding, sorry I couldn't resist. I know what you mean.... Huge gills are out there.