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  1. we took the 35 merc off this week to go fish it today.first time fishing the lake ever.we got bored of nimi bein ways,fished the rain all day,found a pattern.i got 19bass and lost 12:( .my dad got 9 and lost 5,one bein the fish of the day,it was around 4.5-5lbs.the rest of em were 3 cats bein round 5 or 6lb.nice lake but it looks like theres alota catchin and keepin in there.
  2. what were you using for bait. when i lived down there i fished it everyday and catch bass all day on black or purple spinner baits

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    Was there for just a couple of hours because of the rain... didn't have any luck with white and chartreuse spinner bait.
  4. we were throwin a few select colors of cranks.that lakes gota alota structure and potential.just too much catchin and keepin.
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    Sometimes catchin' and keepin' makes for a better fishery. Wellington gets a lot of fish takin' out of it and it's one of the best bass fisheries around.
  6. dang it. I can never get anything to bite on a crank. No matter how much I try! lol.