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Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by portabote jim, May 9, 2004.

  1. I had launched my "porta bote" Saturday morning for its maiden voyage at Mogadore. I just don't have room for a trailor and/or storage and this is a great solution. It was great even if we only caught two small bass and two very large bluegills.

    I'm up in Twinsburg and thought about Ladue, but Mogadore seemed a calmer site for its maiden voyage. It was my first time on a boat on any of the area waters. Any suggestions on fishing Mog or on any of the other lakes? I like to catch bass, but also love getting a big variety of "whatever bites". Thanks
  2. Porta,
    One of the best and simplest all around presentations is a slip float rig. This can be used to catch a wide variety of species with a variety of baits and at different depths.
    There are a zillion baits that catch bass at Mog. If your just starting out a couple of known producers that are easy to use are the floating Rapala minnow and the Creme worm. The Creme worm is rigged with a spinner harness and has been producing bass for close to 50 years now. The fact that they are still in demand and readily available attests to their fish catching qualities.

  3. I have had alot of success at Mogadore using Senko worms (dark colored) I usually fish the area east of Rte. 43, close to lily pads in shallow water. I have not been there yet this year, but I would guess that now is a good time.
  4. AndroDoug

    AndroDoug Duke of Bucketmouth

    Caught about 20 small ones on a wind blown shoreline east of 43 this evening (sun). It was the steeper section on the northern side with overhanging limbs. Biggest one maybe 2 lbs and the rest between 10-14". Fun action. Prolly missed 20 more on missed hook sets.

    Then went west of 43 to the southern 5 islands and got into a few bigger bass. Biggest maybe 3 1/2. Wind blown again. Bunch of small ones over there too. We were using green ribbontail worms and opal/black speck salty stick baits, senko type.

    Tons of blue gill and redears all over the place. Try the coves east of 43 on the northern part. Also saw about 30 or more massive, dolphin size carp in the grassy shallows East of 43 Lol :D ! If you are carp guy, there are ones in this lake that will knock your socks off. I don't know how to get one, but don't think my gear could handle it if I did!!! They are incredible nonetheless.

    Over all, a fun day with lots of action! This was a fabulous weekend for weather and fishing. I fished laDue on Sat and am going to do a marathon day at Congress tomorrow!! I'll fill you in.
  5. On Mogadore this time of year try a slug-go in the weeds. It is deadly!
  6. Speaking of Slug-Go's, they are an excellent multi-species bait. The Baby Slug-Gos can can be good crappie producers. I've even caught a few huge crappies on the 5 inch Slug-Gos. Good pike bait as well.