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  1. Has anyone been on the north end of the lake off of Lansinger Rd.? If so, how thick is the ice?
  2. .. Have hardly seen anybody ice fishing off Lansinger. I cant understand it since the gates are open and access is sooo much easier this ice season.

    I fished off Sunnybrook, the North Dike for 4 hrs on Monday (01/19) and caught only 6 dinks. First time in that area and very disappointed, but will try again in a few days.

  3. I'm thinking about giving it a try this weekend. If you're out that way, I'll be in a fish trap pro. Stop by and say hi.
  4. I'll be checking the next few days to see if anyone is out there. Thursday morning, I'm hitting Nimisila again.... Campground bay
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    I was by the boat stakes Tuesday and the ice in that area was 6" - 7". The ice was half clear and half milky, but solid. It is nice that the gates are open, but careful, the road and the parking along those roads are not plowed, I almost got stuck!! Be safe.
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    kozak, you still have my number? if so give me a call, i'll give you a rundown. if not email me and i'll give you the number. you still got the egg shells? I'll keep my eyes open.
  7. Weds 01/21 Field Report: Late Afternoon/Early Evening

    ..Walked out on the ice at numerous points and spoke with nearly 20 ice fisherman; Allthe guys were very congenial and cooperative; the majority were fishing Congress Lake Road, (Eastward). Spotty action with bluegill, size was not huge... lots of dinks. Didnt see any 7" or greater gills. Did see one fella have a few very nice perch. One guy had over 50 panfish on the ice.

    2 Shantys at the dam parking lot off Sunnybrook. Very slow action, ICE IS ONLY 4" THICK... I DO NOT RECOMMEND BEING ON IT!!

    1 Shanty at Boat Stake Area, Lansinger Road. Caught a few cats and small perch... very few gills

    Nobody fishing North Dike either from the Sunnybrook Entrance or Old Forge; (Cant understand why not; some wonderful areas to try ones luck)

    Overall: disappointed with the catch today from the guys I spoke with.
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    did you get my email john?
  9. I'm at work, will check my personal AOL account.