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Mogadore VS Wellington

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by jay01, Jul 24, 2004.

  1. jay01

    jay01 Banned

    I hear so much about Mogadore it make me a little sick! I fish Mogadore & Wellington with joe01 my bro an OGF Member. Yes I fish Mogadore and do well, I haft to say I pull larger fish and a lot more at wellington then mogadore such as; gillls,perch,eyes,pike,even cats,and Very Large Bass.
    All I'm really trying to say is give credit when credit is do. Because Not a lot of people Respect Wellington and before they bad mouth it give it a try once or twice!!!!!!!
  2. Dingo


    Wellington is good, except when the wind blows. Things can turn nasty up there once the wind kicks up, making it nearly unsafe to fish in a small craft (like a canoe). When I fish there, I try to arrive at first light and fish until the wind knocks me off the lake. Lots of places to hide in Mogadore when the wind kicks up.

    I believe that Mogadore is a bit easier to figure out, due to the diversity in structure. Wellington's all the same (for the most part) from the shorelines - offshore areas must be investigated for the best success. That's probably what keeps the fishing good there - reduced pressure in many of the offshore areas.

    The requirement for having the boats off the lake at dark is a small negative as well. Some of the best topwater bass fishing around is at Mogadore after dark.



    you guys talking about the wellington upground res.?
    i been there,there is no protection from the elements.
    but i was soooooo amazed at how clear that water is
    and i did see some nice bass up there.i heard there
    are some BIG cats in there also?but i have not confirmed
    this.its a nice looking lake,but young and featureless.
    20 years and that place will be spot on.

    BTW-have any of you had a good look at the
    grass carp in this lake or the old lake across the street?
    iam VERY curious to the size.
  4. Where exactly is Wellington? Is it electric only?
  5. Dingo


    A bit southwest of the town of Wellington (intersection of rte 18 and rte 58). Electric only. No boats allowed after dark. Not much shoreline structure. All rocks, drops down to 20'+ pretty fast. Middle is shallower in spots. Lots of offshore structure. Water always looks like it came out of a tap -- very clear.
  6. I have reviewed your total number of posts (5) as well as the content. You seem to have fished exclusively for gils at Wellingto and have asked how to fish for the walleye. What about Wellington bass? How can you write about the comparison of Wellington to Magadore when it does not appear you have done well at Wellington or have fished Magadore. These two lakes are dramatically different in structure as well as size. I have fished them both and done well at each but feel there is no way the two can be judged one against the other. Magadore can handle a good number of boats with it's deversified structure and depths while Wellington starts to get crowed when five or six boats are on it due to the limited structure other than the three main surface weedbeds and the shoreline weedbeds.
  7. BuzzBob

    BuzzBob Take a Dad fishing

    I remember as a kid in the late 70's that a fishing club I belonged to had us haul dozens of discarded Christmas trees onto the hard water. Would I have been on the old or "new" lake?
  8. Wannabitawerm

    Wannabitawerm Flatulent Entreprenuer

    Lower has good cats and some crappie. I marked about 8 foot max depth. Upper, clear as gin most of the time, saw the absolute by far biggest bass I have ever seen. Would stake my life on saying that it was every bit of 10 pounds. 15 would not surprise me. By the way, out at Findley on the weekends volunteering for the summer. Site 242, look me up!