Mogadore Reservoir tips ???

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  1. Anyone have a few good spots for channel cats at Mogadore Reservoir?? I am going to be going around 3-4 P.M. and will be fishing til about 8 P.M.. I will also be fishing for some Largemouth and Sunfish too. I have never been out there and was seeing if anyone a some good places. Thanks

    KSUFLASH respect our rivers please

    park at the YMCA boat ramp off of Rt. 43.

    Walk across the street west. There is a path that you can walk on the west side.

    Walk down the path till it starts to bend around...find a spot over there to cast out a line for cats.

    I assume you could also just fish the docks at the YMCA. There is a deep channel that runs through there.


  3. Thanks, I will try it out this weekend.
  4. What size are you pulling out. I usually use bluegills and I have tried using stink bait, but have had no luck.
  5. Use chicken livers for channels or larger minnows. November bait has nice sized shiners. Gills are better suited for the really big cats.
  6. Thanks, I have had success with chicken livers in the past. I will use them again and hope for the same success.