Mogadore Res. Clean-up

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  1. Ok, I will go out on a limb here, since littering p!$$@$ me off more than anything. I'm proposing that we concerned fisherman/outdoorsman plan a morning late March or early April and spend a couple of hours picking up a section of the lake, trail or shoreline.

    We can all go fishing after a couple of hours. Or do a breakfast at the 43 Mickey Dees, or both!

    How about it guys? Post a day thats good for you. Maybe we can get city to supply a dumpster.
  2. If it is a Sunday, I could probably make it. Let's eat and fish and clean up! Great idea Joe!

  3. If schedules allow, I'll be there with the kids! Soccer starts soon, but it's a GREAT idea.

    I can contact the City of Akron to see if they can provide a dumpster.
  4. Thats awesome Big daddy. I know paintEd and Scumfrog will help. I can make up a flier and put it up in the baitshop. Lets just pick a day!
    If we plan it between the ice and open water, no one will miss any fishing! So I'm game for a couple of weeks from now, weather permitting.
  5. Good idea Joe! The only weekend dates I CAN'T make it are March 29th & the weekend of April 18th through the 20th. Other than that, I'm available, unless an unforeseen emergency crops up. Maybe we could pass trash bags out to any folks we see fishing or hiking as well. Weather permitting, I would also like to bring some of my young Grandchildren to help (pending parental approval). I don't think they're EVER too young to teach good habits, & my little 3 year old Tori has already helped Grandpa...part of each fishing trip is "trash pick-up".
  6. Im in. Let me know when.
  7. I am teaching a couple classes of Hunters Ed that may conflict, but if it isnt on a class day I am game.

  8. sounds like a full time job to me.your going to be more p offed when you go back and its a mess again call the cops they could have inmates clean it up. it makes me mad to. littering needs to be inforced complain to the game warden . I was fishing one of my river spots one time and a man came down with two boys he had just bought them new bb guns and was going to teach them how to use them they started pulling beer bottles and trash out of a trash can and throughing them into the river to shoot at. I was discusted and would have liked to see daddy go to jail and have the cops tell his kids why . good luck
  9. Are you one of those guys who doesnt take a bath just because your gonna get dirty again? What did you do about the dad at the river, did you get his license plate, say anything to him, call the DNR maybee ? Na ,you probrably wanted someone else to do that for ya too.
  10. no i take a bath all the time.was that a bash on me ? I pick up my own trash and if I see it i will call the law ,if it piles up they will clean it up, if you pick it up they wont, by they I mean the state. I am a concerned fisherman and outdoorsman and dislike trash and trashy people.
  11. Guys, you'll need to be the ones to get this organized with date, times, etc. Once you do that, I'll make a call to my City of Akron contacts and see what I can come up with as far as help.

    Gotta run to court now...

  12. Great to see so many responses on this subject. I usually go for walks with my dogs on the trails and such around the lake. I will go there this Sunday at 10am. I'll start by the Congress lake rd. small parking lot. If anyone wants to join me, kewl. Since it will be too warm for the ice and too cold for open water nothing will be lost.

    Maybe Sunday mornings will catch on.
  13. I'll help. I fish there a lot and it's only fitting that those of us who use the lake give a little back to mother nature. hopefully my pc does'nt crash again and i'm able to see when it is. Dave
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    Bulldawg Bulldawg

    Count me in ! Post definite times and dates please .
  15. I will go to the lake on Sunday (Weather Permitting), and kind of check out the situation. I will take a bag with me, But more importantly, I will try and get a game plan...... It may be real simple, just go somewhere and pick junk up!!

    With the snow gone, I may be in for a shock!

    I'll report back and we can pick a date then........stand by!
  16. Just a suggestion but if you have it when theres open water some of us could use our boats to shuttle full trash bags. Maybe have the dumpster put at the ramp or close to one.Or some pick ups to shuttle trash to the dumpster.Just a warning when the Y use to put dumpsters around the lake they filled up with tires and couches before a week would go by.Maybe just stack full bags by the ramps and have them picked up by trash co. like the Boy Scouts do on road clean ups.Also Eagle scouts love this type of community project to qualify for there eagle badge.
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    Just for the record, we are supposed to get the worst snow storm of the season starting Friday night. You might want to change your dates. Just a little FYI.........
  18. wife and I just got back from a walk with the dogs. Picked up around the boat house on 43. The trail leading west looked clean of trash.

    It looks like the weather and snowfall will hamper my Sunday efforts. So I will not go to do any clean up this weekend.

    I did talk to Jeff at Mogadore Bait, and he was more than willing to let us post a sign or leave flyers on the counter with our concerns of pollution and overfishing, as well as illegal fishing on the bridges and causeways.

    Its my estimation that the shore fishers leave more trash cause they don't want to carry it back to their car. I've also seen where boat fishers will sink their bottles and cans thinking it "gone" and not a problem.

    If you can give me your ideas and concerns, I will print up a flyer to leave at the boat house and bait shop.