Mogadore Res. 2/24

Discussion in 'Hard Water Discussions' started by Bapenn, Feb 25, 2008.

  1. Fished off Lansinger Road 2/24 and had a good 5-6in of ice. Fished some spots I have maked on the GPS from the summer and had a screen full of fish on the Aqua Vu all day. Caught a few small perch and then at dark the vexilar went crazy with the bottom six feet of solid fish. I pulled a few crappies up but I forgot a spare bottle of propane for the lantern so I had to cut it short. They were bitting but you had to work for them. Only one other guy out there and we were the only tracks going out. I hope we can have this ice on for a little longer so I can spend some time getting those crappies.
  2. Bapenn, Lansinger road not sure where that is.Sounds like you had better luck than my friend and I did sunday. 02/24/08 . we were at clr 4-4-1/2" , soft spots to watch for, fishing was fun but have had better luck in the past at mogadore.

  3. Lansinger road is at the back side of the main lake. Right across the street from the bait shop. It's a good walk to get to the ice but sometimes it's woth it.