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mogadore production down

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by paintED, Jul 16, 2007.

  1. Hey has anyone else had the drop in production that I have while fishing mogadore over the last couple of years? I have been fishing there since I was 12 and have seen some years not as good as others but the last couple have been putred. I know there will be a couple of replys that say you just gotta know how to fish but I've been getting the same response from other anglers on the water when I ask ..."any luck?" "not much" is the answer I get . Or i get " caught some nice channels and a bowfin." I wonder if they are the problem. I believe channels were stocked in there for a number of years in a row. I wonder if they are messing up the hatches? Any fishery biologists out there with a hypothesis?
  2. I only have 3 years of fishing at Mogadore, but it has gone down the last two years. It started off really strong this year, but died since around the second week of June.

  3. I was also thinking maybe it could be the influx of the [SIZE=-1]Double-crested Cormorant[/SIZE] . I know they eat fish and lots of them. but I've only seen a few out there. maybe they are voracious. I don't know. I just know fishing stinks out there and I hope it is being noted.
  4. I have been fishing Mogadore for almost 50 years. The Bass fishing is better than it has ever been and continues to get better. I believe when they stocked the channel cats, they also stocked Shad. The Bass have started relating mainly to the shad. I admit you don't catch them in the same places on the same lures. However the Bass are much larger and usually in schools so if you get one you can usually get several.
  5. what are you tossing? and where. I see the schools. do you look for those and toss crank baits or rubber ?
  6. I've had a crappy year at Mog too! I've fished the lake steadily for 5 years now and fished it occasionally for the 20 years previous when visiting family who've fished the lake for 40+ years. The 1st three years I fished Mogadore steadily were awesome, last year was a little off and this year has been horrible. I fish the lake from shore or waders so I'm at the mercy of the weed gods. I'd imagine guys in boats that can fish the outer weed edges and deeper water weed beds are having a good year at the Mog this year but I know the spots I've got fish in previous years have changed and aren't holding fish.

    I don't think my lack of fish at Mog this year is any indication of the quality of the fishing falling off. I think its just a matter of cycles that all lakes go through and the fish are just holding in different areas.

  7. Lipless crankbaits, buzzbaits, deepdiving crankbaits, jigs.
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    I believe it has something to do with lack of fresh water. (Rain) If you look around most lakes are down quite a bit. Mogadore doesn't seem to be to low. I have no idea where the water is coming from to keep the lake at a normal level but one must wonder. John
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    My dad who fishes there almost every day has made statement that this year is a bit slow.
    He fishes from his boat and has his "spots" dont know if thats what he is basing his info from.
    We " the family" have fished it for around 30 years and my dad more in the last 10 due to his retirement. He mentions it has had its ups and downs and this year is in the low peroid but not to dramatically.
  10. I have only caught about a dozen bass there this year along with a few crappie. I haven't kept a one. Nothing of any size this year either. Now the bluegill....thats another story! Caught a 10 and a half inch red ear on a fly rod, early before spawn and released it. Lots of nice gills on a fly rod during spawn with some around nine inches.

    But I can relate, Mogadore production is down. At least for me and who I talk to. I try and stay away because of it. I have increased my visits to other local lakes like Erie.
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    maybe a bunch of people are peeing in the water and that has kept the water level up?
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    that would explain why it felt so warm the other day........................:confused:
  13. I've fished Mogadore for about 5 years, and have noticed a significant change in patterns over the years. If you want to be successful, you really have to hone your patterning skills. As Leebeau indicated, the bass are schooling well and when you find them you can really lay into them. Last year I caught about 14 in less than 10 minutes (size ranging from 2 to 4 pounds). However, this year I have not been able to get out to the lake more than once every couple weeks because of work. I'm sure my lack of time on the water really explains my mediocre results so far this season! Needless to say, the learning curve is significantly reduced if people are willing to share or give some suggestions about general areas of the lake (e.g., structure/depth), lure types, and retrieves that have been producing! Good luck out there.:)
  14. i have been fishing there for years, long as i can remember. i was hitting them hard until the heat.far as the bass ,,, well not so good in the last few weeks i can only get them super early!!! and never at night, i did see that the water was down when i built a dock this year it was around the top now a foot below.. owell fall will be much better