Mogadore in Waders

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  1. Have some time tonight and tomorrow eve to fish out at Mogadore. Has anyone been getting any nice gills or crappie? If you can give me a hint (not your spot) of what's happening around what time I would appreciate it. Was thinking of casting some small jigs or pin mins around all the lillys with bobbers and bugs on the far east end off Ranfield or Palm. Are the weeds to bad to wade in there for the gills? I live out that way and saw a fisherman in a red kayak there yesterday, gave me an idea to get out and spend some time. Nice overcast eve with some warm sprinkles should make watching a sinking bobber fun.
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  2. Wading Mogadore seems kinda dangerous. I wasnt but a few steps off land over by the dock and fell into a hole. GL though.

  3. Years back I used to wade it a lot and never had any dangerous experiences. Mostly waded west of 43 along the bridal path that runs thru there. Mostly targeted gills and bass.

    Good lake for surface strike bass imo.
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    i waded mogadore today up by the north dyke, caught plenty of gills but i considered none worthy of keeping, i dont think one went over 6". i live off martin rd so i fish mogadore alot and this has been one of the worst years for me. havent caught as many bass as last year but more bigger bass than last year. i dont think that i have pulled one decent crappie out of moggy this year. but if you do decide to go be VERY CAREFUL were you walk. there is alot of soft bottom out there were you sink down into the muck and could easily get stuck
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    I agree about the mucky black silt bottom--in one area, my foot dropped a good 6" in black silt and it was tough to get out!

    Areas where there is duckweed have produced some nice size bass this summer for me. Throw out a surface weedless worm and slowly retrieve/pause/retrieve. The shallower Mogadore East has a ton of these bass holes. A lot of green sunfish on that end and it is beautiful to boot. Not sure why more people don't fish the east end...maybe the choppy water.