Mogadore in the Rain

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  1. I had a great two days this weekend. Saturday I had 16 Bass just before and during the heavy rain. One was 19 inches and the rest 14 to 17 inches. Sunday in less than three hours I had 14, 12 were between 18 and 20 inches and two were 14 inches. All fish both days taken off of a very small isolated patch of weeds on two different humps one in 14 and one in 12 foot of water. They would only hit a watermelon seed senko texas rigged with a drop of my home brew garlic oil. A great weekend of Ohio Bass fishing.
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    Way to go Lee!

    Your experience this weekend would be the true definition of "pattern"! I didn't have the numbers you did but I had fun with a different pattern (mid-depth crankbaits) that gave me good size.

    Moggie is hot this year wouldn't you say?


  3. someone please show me the way of mogadore. I hear all of you guys doing well out on Moggie, but I never seem to have any luck out there. Can anyone HELP ME?!?!?! I have my own boat and would be willing to meet someone in the evening or weekend.

  4. Mogadore is very hot this year. The fish are super fat and healthy. I di notice most all fish had hook scars in their mouths. Probably from me from two years ago. I was fishing the same pattern then but couldn't get on them. I got on fish a Nimisila last year but can't get on them there this year. That's fishing!
  5. Use your electronics and look for humps in the 9 to 14 foot range. Then feel the bottom for isolated weeds. I use a 3/16 tungston weight and a 5 inch watermelon seed Senko type bait with a drop af garlic oil. You need a good no stretch line with plenty of feel (I use florocarbon) and a very sensitive rod. You have to be able to feel what is down there. You are just feeling for patches of slight resistane as you pull your bait through the isolated weeds. Pay your dues and you will find fish. Good luck and keep at it. I have been fine tuning my patterns at Mogadore for 50 years.

    KSUFLASH respect our rivers please

    50 years?

    I wouldn't have thought you were a day older than 30... :)