Mogadore Ice

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  1. Checked ice at Mogadore today. Only found 2 1/2" at Congress Lake Road. It is still ice covered at Route 43, and also Sunnybrook Road by the power lines.
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    Thanks for the update. I was wondering what affects this past warm up had on the ice around that area. Any idea how much was there before?

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    Parma....Glad we got out the other day.....Makes catchin dink's seem like a whole lot more fun....... than only wishin that there was fishable ice....AND THE PROSPECTS FOR BETTER ICE ARN'T LOOKING VERY BRITE..........Next 6 days with day-time temp's above freezing.....with today at 48 or so and tomorrow making a run at the old record of 64 and with more rain to boot. All this crap is sure going to put ICEBUCKETJOHN IN A FUNKKKKKKKKK....Jon Sr.
  4. your right,, this suxs,,, ohio weather has too be wanna the most screwy weather in the nation