Mogadore Ice Update

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  1. There were 6-8 guys fishing off Palm Rd this morning., Monday 12/8 Ice is only 3" thick.... As expected, some spots are unsafe & there is open water west of the boat launch.

    I fished till 11:30am.... Didn't catch a thing, but had a blast simply being out on the ice. I got the opportunity to check my gear and see what adjustments, improvements or additions are needed. In all my years of ice fishing, I dont recall ever fishing in such shallow waters. Obviously, different techniques are required. Although I dont have a Vex, it certainly wouldn't do anybody any good out there!

    I hope to be drilling holes on Tuesday morning also.. Will keep you posted as the season progresses.
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    does your shanty have a floor? in shallow water its a blast to sight fish. glad you got out and thanks for the report.

  3. Yep it does... first time I've sight fished... 2 of the guys told me about doing so .. Will defitinetly work on that technique Tuesday morning.
  4. I was fishing congress lake rd. about 6ft and had a few bites nothing big. Hope the ice dont get any thinner would like to go again wed.
  5. checkmate115: I didnt drive to CLR t check it out b/c I thought it was still a little thin. Where did you fish.... East or West of CLR?
    Did you fish solo or where other guys on that part of the lake also?
  6. Friday 12/12/08 Mogadore Report:


    Congress Lake Rd: Continued open water on the West side. 2" ICE (MAXIMUM). NOBODY ON THE ICE...NO TRACKS OR INDICTIONS.

    St Rt 43: West Side: Wide Open: Shoreline Ice only

    St Rt 43: East Side: Boathouse:
    Thin ice, less than 2" (TOTALLY UNSAFE).
  7. hope it gains a lil tonight i will be at CLR bfor 6 tomarrow to give, if not there will be off palm will be high teens tonight all we can do is hope! anyone want to join me and my cuz?
  8. Thanks for the detailed report.
  9. As of last night, 3in off Palm rd. I went out to freshly drilled holes and put my hand in for measurement. The boat stakes were wide open all the way to the shore. This morn. wife and I walked the dogs and found the ice had formed over most of the lake by the boat stakes all the way to shore. Still lots of open water, but it does show that the ice is forming and stregnthening.

    Maybe next week for me.
  10. i tell ya what i think john should get paid for his reports!! he's on the money with the updates