Mogadore HOTT!

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  1. Colder nights makin' 'em eat!!!

    I have been out there a few times in last couple weeks. Have done well each time BUT today definately SMOKIN'!!!

    I spoke to a few others at the ramp who had been out this week- they too killin' them. They reported topwater frog bite ( I don't do much of that)

    Last week they wouldnt touch a jig- eatn' a tube, lower numbers but quality avg fish. Today- they ate the jig before it got wet!!!

    No HUGE ones and overall avg. down- but numbers of 12"-17" fish. Weed clobs and wood- the big ones are soon to arrive!!!!

    Makes for a fun filled few hours of fishn'!!!

    Talked to some who are fishn' the Summer Open at LaDue 9/29. They are reporting similar improvement with the bite, difference is they are catching BIG fish!!!

  2. ParmaBass

    ParmaBass Kiss The Converse

    How were the water levels?:D :cool:

  3. You and that water level:confused: :p

    Mogadore was at pool or touch above- fuller than usual experiences at this time of year.

    Ladue is lower than when you were there last I'm sure! Its gettn good and low and the tops of main humps are visible.

    I guess with the level you wont be joining us??? I'll tie you up a crig for you if you come! lol

  4. ParmaBass

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    Can I put a spinner bait on a C-rig? I'm gonna try to make it to an Open. Perch thumb has replaced my Bass thumb this season! Very bad year for Bass in my boat!

    Mabey an Open on Mogadore next Spring!!!???
  5. no way. spring open on lado!
  6. It just so happens Parma... you shoulda fished the Champ, you'd be guarantted a spot for the EEI in 08'! Don't fret though, I'm sure timeframes won't be met...then the night before the event in April my phone won't stop!!!:p

  7. ParmaBass

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    I've fished the dobass series since 2001 and I don't get an invitation :(
    Man that's some dedication!! Definately interested when registation opens up!!


    So am I reading it right?? $550 for the year plus member fees, no other fees for individual tournament for the EEI?
  8. I sure miss fishing with you guys up there. I gotta find a partner. Nip-Congrats on Presque. PB-thanks for the tips on the perch.
    Good fishing, hope to see you around sometime.
  9. Miss seen' you around as well Pitcn'!!! Come back with us!

    Parma- indeed the EEI series is only for teams committed to the entire season. We are going for the "club" kinda deal. You can not just sign up for single events and payments for the entire season must be done in advance.

    I have some VERY COOL stuff in wings for point champs of this series. I won't spoil myself with the reveal until it's in my hands!

    It also should be noted that all FBFP members of 2007 (NOAA & LaDue) will be in the second invitation period (currently just stated as NOAA, brain fart what can I say! :) )

    I spent 10 hrs on Erie today...really wish I went to Mogadore retrospectively!!! OUCH!

    Anyone make it out to Auntie Mogadore 9/23?

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    Nip, didn't get out there on Sunday but did have a blast on Saturday. You're right - they are gettin' HUNGRY! Average weight just under 3lbs, lengths around 16". Right now find the structure they're using to get to the forage and you'll find the bass ;) Here's a couple...

    3-01 lb, 17.5" on lipless crank...


    2-10, 16" on T-Rigged Senko...


    Love the Fall!!

  11. Ive been fishing it for the past month or so early mornings and get about 10#'s +/- with 5 fish.

    Ive been throwing top water frogs exclusively too!