Mogadore Friday 01/09/2009

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  1. Mrphish42 & I hit CLR this morning at 9:00 am. You can read Jon Sr. report in the other thread. Ice was 4"., good, solid. Again we thought the fish would be actively moving and get into a feeding cycle ahead of todays snow storm.. Alas, for the 2nd time this week, we got skunked at Mog.

    Nobody else fished CLR today. (There is still open water on the West Side of CLR). Nobody on Mogadore at the Boathouse or West of St Rt 43. Nobody on the ice at the Boat Stake Area or North Dike.

    There were a handful of guys at Palm Rd late this afternoon. One guy had 20 gills while another had a dozen. I spoke with 3 young boys who set up a "pop-up" deer blind on the ice. The weren't having any luck, so I gave them a few tips that I've picked up from some of the locals. Ice at Palm Rd is 4"-5"... with some weak spots.

    BE EXTREMELY CAUTIOUS IF YOU GUYS ARE HITTING THE ICE SATURDAY. Despite the cold temps there are open areas and plenty of thin spots on all the inland lakes.
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