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Mogadore Catfish-Please Help

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by lucky1, Jul 12, 2007.

  1. Anyone have some advice to get into some catfish at Mogadore? I went out the other night and got a 2 pound bullhead on a cut bluegill, but nothing else. Any help would be appriciated. Oh yeah I was fishing near the dam on Old Forge Rd. on shore.
  2. Ive had the best luck with catfish usingchicken livers at Mog. The cove across from the 43 pier has been good to me. Just send it out, let it go to the bottom and wait.

  3. Thanks a lot buckeye, maybe we could get together one night and go for some whiskers.


    Try some plain white bread.Seriously.Catfish go mad for
  5. fishingful

    fishingful Time to fish!

    i have a spot up by the dam that you can hammer bullheads at it just sucka because you feel the fish for 3 sec then reel in 10 lb of weeds
  6. I've had my best luck on chicken livers. Anywhere you can get out a good cast into deeper water is a good shore spot. Buy the livers early in the day, and let them sit out in your porch in the sun. The longer you can leave them out, the better. Disgusting, yes, but effective. Line yourself up a heavy duty 1/0 hook (avoid offsets if possible - I have an awful time removing them!) with at least a quarter ounce split shot weight right at the hook. Wrap the liver around the the hook, poking the hook through the meat several times to secure it. My husband likes to "glue" the meat to the hook by sticking on a piece of stinkbait (as if this whole process isn't smelly enough, right?). Now your hook is pretty heavy, so it should be easy to cast it out pretty far. Cast it out as far as you can from shore, let it sink, and wait. Now you just need to set up a way to know when you have a bite. Some people prop their poles (either on a stick or on a bought rig) and hang a bobber on the line. The bobber will twitch, drop, or rise when you have a bite. I prefer tightlining - I use a baitcaster. Once my line is out, I sit down, reel in the slack, and wrap a finger through the line. Either way, once you feel/see a solid hit, set the hook and get reeling! This is one of my favorite ways to fish--I've always had good luck (unlike bassfishing, which I still find immensely challenging!!). If you want to go out with my family some time, private message me and I'll check our schedules. Take care and good luck!!


    Also, don't limit yourself to Mogadore. Nimisila Reservoir has some nice cat, both yellow bulls and gray channels, as does Springfield. Walborn Reservoir in Stark County is reputedly one of the best, but I haven't been out there yet.
  7. Thanks so much for all the info. Keep it coming if you have it!!:G
  8. Mogadore is good for cats along trail across from the old anchor bar, I use regular night crawlers. FishingGirl1978 is right, Walborn reservoir is really good for channel cats. Lots of shore fishing pretty much good every where out there.
  9. stop at wallmart in brimfield. go to the seafood section. in a cooler just below the sign that says seafood you will find raw uncooked shrimp for about 4 bucks. buy them.turn right out of wallmart on to rt 18. travel underneath 76 . turn right on sunnybrook rd. cross old forge and continue until you get to the parking lot that is on your side of the road park in the parking lot its about two tenths of a mile north of the dam proper. slide a .5 oz barrel sinker on to some 14lb test,or better yet some type of braded . cut a 16 inch leader,then tie on a barrel swivel,attach the leader,attach a straight shank hook or circle hook (the size you would put in a rubber worm) slide the entire shrimp onto your hook. Heave it out into the lake into the channel,prop your rod up,tighten your line,and pay attention. you may get to see your rig take off if you don't. we have had some great evenings catching huge channels near there. they love those shrimp.dont forget your needle nose plyers. good luck and take a camera.
  10. just a couple more hints. you can buy some cheap glow sticks at acme and attach them to the top side of your pole on the end with some scotch tape.its a an easy way to see your hit. also.....we have noticed that they start at about 8 pm go till ten then it slows down again until around midnight. good luck where ever you go. p m me and maybe you can hook up with us out there next time.
  11. chicken liver on the bottom, thats what i been hooking them with. im always out on mogadore every sat . allot of people r getting them near 43...