Mogadore boat stakes hunting.

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  1. Just got back from walking the dogs and I notice the gates remain open all around the lake. The trash is really pileing up in the back of the parking areas....AND, a nice pile of deer guts are in the middle of the road by the ramp. Now...., no responsible hunter, if it was a legit kill would have gutted a deer in the middle of the road. I believe the deer was poached and the pile was left there as some kind of sick joke by some iresponsible redneck hilljack.

    The area in the off season is a beautiful place for quiet walks. It has a parklike setting. But stuff like this will shut this place down. I don't know about the rest of you, but I see all kinds of stupid stuff being thrown all over the place with no regard to the law. I also see many others using the area like myself. I wonder who has the nads to step up and say something to a carload of kids who go back to drink...(when they leave the area they are driving drunk), throwing their bottles in the woods. I hope the authorities shut the place down. But thats the problem. Mogadore's surrounding land falls in a legal loop hole. I don't think we deserve to have a place like this available to makes me sick!!
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    Is Mogadore a hunting area?:confused: I've seen guys mention it on here, but I've never been there or know really what it is.

  3. Trapping and waterfowl only.
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    waterfowl by drawing only...