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    I finally got a boat that I can use at Mogadore. I was just wondering if anyone has any info regarding the launch off Lansinger Rd. Is this a public launch? Is there enough parking there to leave my truck? Also, are there any other launches besides 43, Lansinger, & the little one by the causeway off Congress Lake? Any info is greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  2. Plenty of room to park at Lansinger. That and the 43 ramp are the main ones. There is also a small gravel ramp off SunnyBrook Rd that accesses the western and northern end of the lake. Palm Rd. also has a gravel ramp at the fatherthest eastern part of the lake. Summer fishing there is tough because of the lack of depth along with the lillies and weed growth, but an excellent fishery in the spring and late fall. The whole lake is public and all its launches with great to fair parking as the list desends.

    I think there are only five launches; Main Lake Lansinger (boat stakes),
    43 Boathouse (main and east finger)
    Congress Lk Rd Ramp (east only)
    SunnyBrook mud ramp.
    Palm Rd.

    Congrates on the new boat.