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Mogadore, anyone?

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by FishingGirl1978, May 24, 2007.

  1. Thinking about hitting Mogadore tomorrow. We're kind of limited until I get the hitch on my jeep - until I can pull it, the boat is stuck in the garage. Anyone hit Mogadore recently?
  2. not me but i am thinking of hitting it sat evening looking for bass and crappie

  3. fishingful

    fishingful Time to fish!

    i am heading out tonight will be in a camo boat and will report back
  4. Hey Fishingirl!
    I might be out there tomorrow, but not in my boat. I don't have a hitch yet either so we will have to shore fish. :( It would be me and my son and daughter. Maybe we'll see ya there!
  5. fishingful

    fishingful Time to fish!

    caught 2 largemouth before the wind switched and it started to rain both on a 6" purple power worm by the camp ground
  6. went out wednesday night just playing around and ended up with around 20 crappie, a couple of bass, and lost about a 40+ inch muskie! at first i thought that i had hooked into a huge clump of weeds that wouldn't budge but quickly realized that it was just a huge fish as my rod tip got pulled under the water. i got him to within about 10 yards of the boat on the surface and as i saw it, it must have seen me too because it took the "final plunge" and managed to get it's teeth onto my line. i guess 6 lb. test isn't made for muskies. i know that i've heard rumors of there being muskie in there but had never seen any proof with my own eyes until then. anybody else have any other muskie experiences out there?
  7. durpdurp41

    I seen a picture a few years back, a guy was bass fishing with his friend and hooked a small bass. While reeling in the bass a huge muskie hit the bass and the lure caught the mouth of the muskie. I normally would not belive this story but he said they did not have a net and fought the fish for something like 30 min. on 6lb test. They never landed it but took turns fighting the fish, one guy had a camera and snapped about 3 pictures of the fish next to the boat before it snapped them off. I seen the boat they were fishing from and could tell from the pictures the markings on the boat with the fish next to the boat it was huge. Personally been fishing there for 12 years, and have seen some fish that may have been muskie, which were quite large but could not make a positive identification. Years ago I did catch some small pike out of there, and released them back. I remember maybe 10 years ago the ODNR had a pamplet with a huge muskie on it with a man holding it up and said mogadore reservoir at the bottom of the picture.
  8. I went out wading lastnight for gills, didnt do too bad, just had to weed through the dinks. Couple crappie too. As far as the muskie, I seen one last year at the 43 boat ramp and it wasnt a small one either, makesme a little leary when I head out in waders lol
  9. I've fished mogadore since I was a young boy around 8 or 9 years old. I'm now 37 . Been there countless times. Have never seen one 8 hr. fish. I have heard they are in there. And used to get my goods from a place called Ed+Louises' bait shop across from Field High School(Go Falcons!)and old Ed in there had a picture of a fella who landed a 40 + incher from the lake while fishing for bluegill. They must be in there. But then again Mogadore is a alleged hot spot for Bigfoot sightings if you google Mogadore Res .I was just there less than a week ago slip bobbering some minnows and stuck a fish that I thought for a few minutes was a muskie. But when I finally landed it,and finally being about 15 minutes on 4lb. it turned out to be a great big bowfin. Not the most eye catching creature in the lake.I'll attempt to post a couple of pictures of it.good luck out there.
  10. Which part of Mogadore is better for bassin...east or west of 43? I've spent a good amount of time panfishing the lake, but have never targeted bass. Hopeing to give it a shot tomorrow. I'd like to work around the lilly pads, but beyond that, I'm questioning where else to target.
  11. I have caught more bass east of 43 . more numbers. as far as size i would have to say east of congress lake rd. i'm not sure how familiar you are with the lake , but there is a launch off of congress lake rd. that allows access to that side. it is very shallow and mucky. you can be in 2 feet of water but dont plan on standing in it,there will be 4 feet of muck. there are some sandy areas. the far north east end has a dyke wall ,on the north end of the dyke there is a small land the point of that mass,there are pads and it is sandy about 60 feet from the point out into the lake. I wade it ,and fish it from the boat. be prepared to tilt your motor up and chopp up some weeds if you want to float there. there is also a shallow launch off of palm rd which is east of congress lake if you dont need a deep ramp for your boat. the trip to that east dyke is much shorter from there. I definately recommend exploring that part of the lake which is east of congress lake. Especially for some bigger bass. there is also a pipe that runs beneath congress lake rode that keeps it from flooding over the pavement. it is marked with spray painted hash marks on the lake side of the guard rail. fish that , it has every type of fish in the lake on it. I have caught bass one after the other in the evenings fishing that pipe on the big side(west of congress lake rd) . But none bigger than 2.5 or 3 lbs. most around 1.5 . but one after the other. 30 or 40 fish. that area where the pipe gets alot of pressure. But catch it open or on the right day and you wont be bored. the far east end of the lake east of congress lake doesn't see much pressure at all because its hard to access because of the dense pads and weeds. But if you have it in you to exercise some patience. and have enough battery power ( I take 5 deep cycles) to get you through its worth it. Scum frogs are a staple on that side and so are silver and black sluggos fish on the top with no wait. also try sliding a 10' worm with no wait across the top of the weeds. all three work great. Maybe even toss a barney spoon or weed walker . you can pick up barney spoons at the tackle shack of of south main near portage lakes,and mogadore bait and tackle sells weed walkers. hope that helps. its all just my opinion. But i do catch fish on occasion there. need any more info just ask. good luck, and stay safe.
  12. crooked stripe

    crooked stripe fishn and flyn

    Fished East of CLR from 10:00 till 2:00 today and did real well on crappie. 14 taken over 11" and the Bull gills where on fire. Took home 40 between the 2 of us. All taken from the bottom of the channel in 7-8' of water. White ice ant tipped with a maggot. Will be out of town for the next month so I will be taking the fish to cook at the motel. Hate to leave when the fishing is picking up. Good luck to all. Will try again when I return. John
  13. Hey ole Ed,
    Here's the picture you sent me from your phone. You can elaborate on the details.

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  14. Thanks paintED for the details. I'll probably stick to the main lake, as I only have half a day to burn, and will probably stay east of 43, and work my way back towards CLR. Hopefully we'll get into something. I appreciate the advice, and will definately try those suggestions through the course of the summer.
  15. paintEd needs five batteries to move that "barge" of his. I hear he needed a dock permit to float that thing. Oh, and one of the deep cycle batteries is for his cell phone!