Mogadore 7/26

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    The bass are still hot at Mogadore!

    Saturday started out absolutely still - not a breath of breeze and a bit of cloud cover - perfect for topwater Rage Tail Shad!!

    Caught the first of the day in about 6-7 FOW near lily pads. He was about 2-2.5lbs (digital scale is broken so used the spring-type scale) and 16 inches.

    After the wind picked up I switched to a crankbait and caught this husky guy in submerged wood cover near a drop off. Just short of 4lbs, 18 1/4 inches.

    The sun came out and wind picked up and I switched back to topwater - this time with a Spro Bronzeye frog. This hungry 2.5lber smashed the frog off the point of some lily pads. Came clear of the water when he hit and inhaled the frog!

    Headed back in and decided to go deep in the heat of the day and used a deep crankbait off a mid-lake hump to catch this one. He hit just as the crank bounced off the bottom cover on a ledge.

    Mogadore is interesting right now - bass are both shallow and deep so pick your favorite presentation and go have some fun!

    BTW...I didn't see another boat until almost noon! Where is everybody??

  2. I'll need to look for you while you are out.

  3. Good job! I have been doing well at Mog. also this year. I'll be out on Wednesday(White 14' Deep V).
  4. Everyday Ive been out has been clear blue skies with no cloud cover at all.

    Fishing's been tough but we do get topwater hits.
  5. I was out Fri, Sat and Sun. Middle of the day each day. I am getting then in 14 foot on a hump in deep water. All fish 17 to 21 in range. I can get 6 to 8 fish on this spot every time out. If it is a very good day I have one other hump in 12 foot comming out of 14 foot that I can also get them on. Sometimes I can run from spot to spot ( about a 15 min run ) and just alternated between the to spots. Yes this is a very good year at Mogadore.