Mogadore 6/5/08

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  1. cheezemm2

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    Took the yak out to Mogadore last night and finished with 11 bass and 1 crappie. Fish were on the small side, with 3 of them coming out around 12-13".

    Some fish in the weeds, others in open water...

    Blue/Silver tube and a brown worm were the ticket...

    Interesting note...Lots of bass on the small side, but all different small sizes, which hopefully means good things for the future of the fishery.

    Still can't get over the numbers of fish there, but am sticking to Portage for size:B
  2. i know because ive seen them there are a lot of bass and a lot of BIG bass in there just keep looking

  3. dfox


    not sure this is relevant but 3 maybe 4 yrs ago I tried mogadore, kayak, buzzbaits, by the dam a couple of times. I caught a bunch of little bass, nothing over 12-14 inches. I thought that was strange, usually dont catch many little ones that way. Ive done the same thing from time to time when in the area, and there are, believe me (or not),nice bass in there.
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    I've caught a couple of big ones last fall on Mogadore east in my yak, when duckweed fills some pools between the lily pads. I just look for the occasional bass splashing (chasing other fish I'm assuming) and hit that area with topwater weedless worm. A lot of fun actually seeing the strike.