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Greetings all,
Much harder than I thought it would be. The water was a bit green and the weeds were out in full force. As for me, I was geeked up and ready to go.

I tried to repeat the success of my last visit, but the conditions had changed and I needed to as well. Unfortunatly for me, I spent too much time figuring that out. I caught 2 keepers between 43 and 17. One on a drop, under a tree that was clear of weeds. The other was on a buzz bait as I moved the boat to a new spot. I also had about 4 that were undersized and a few pan fish by mistake.

I should have gone toward the damn and fished the deeper water. As the sun went down, I hit the weeds and pads hard with a buzz bait, but no one was home. Over by the islands near 43 to of my buddies put 5 keepers in the boat in about 30 minutes. Most of those fish came off the bottom, even in the low light. That's pretty much all I needed to know about were I should have fished.

All in all not a bad night though. I found some action and had some fun.

Good hunting all
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