mogadore 4/19/08

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  1. slid my boat in about 9am, my hot spots are not so hot, tried everything. total of 3 small crappie, and 1 huge shiner. is it too early or what? im interested in fishing some other lakes, electric motor wheres a good place?
  2. I had 8 Bass in 4 hrs yesterday afternoon at Mogadore. One 14 inch the rest 16to 18 inch. All on White 1/4 oz spinnerbait. Fish the humps.

  3. thanks lee... heading out this eve, i will heed your advice and see what i get
  4. I fished for crappie on 4/24 and between the two of us we caught at least 50 crappie. But they were all small. I had one that was close to 12in and the rest were hand size. We fished the evening all the way up to 1am. Still a little early but they were bitting as fast as we could cast. Last year the crappie spawned the first week in May but that varies from year to year depending on the weather. We also caught some of those crappie right under the surface maybe 1-3ft down all the way to 12ft down.
  5. I had 5 Bass all 15 to 18 inches. 4 on Buzzbaits in the wood. I took me a while to talk myself into a buzzbait but the surface temperature was 65 in this spot.
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    If your going to Mogador and have anything gas or oil on your boat it must come out. If you have a built in gas tank(like a bass boat has) it must be drained, cleaned and filled with water. If you have a transom mount motor of any size you must remove it.
    In other words they don't want anything but small boats with electric motors.
    Hope I didn't hurt anybodies feelings.
    try nimisila you'll love it.
    good luck
    don m
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    Another good spot right now would be Dale Walborn Resevoir. If you venture to Mogadore, this would not be too far for you. Good numbers of nice size crappies coming from there this past week. I don't recall hp limit, but I'm guessing no more than 25. I take my small boat and electric motor there with my kids. Always quiet and peaceful....


    walborn is 9.9 limit