Mogadore 08' DOW bass samplings!

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  1. Lewis


    Funny how some lakes change.
    Looks like Mogadore is now one heck of a trophy Bass lake.
    Once famous for its panfish,its strange to see it rated poor for Gills and Redears.

  2. Nice to see Moggy back on that official list. Some know she has always been "Excellent"!

    Looks like several lakes here in NE Ohio also rated as "Excellent" for bass this coming season!

    State has several updated maps available too!
  3. Thats just unheard of in Ohio...I wanna see the BIG ones ! :B

    I caught some channel cats on topwater last season during a feed on top- did it a WBranch one time too! The Channels make for an interesting jig bite from time to time!!! :p

  4. ParmaBass

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    LaDue is rated as "EXCELLENT" too!
  5. "Mother" and "Auntie" appear to be caring for their children well Parma!!!
  6. Erterbass

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    Nip, Last year I seen it wiff my own eyes at Moggie!!

    Great fishing (if you're after bass) at Mogadore but the panfish aren't gonna make panfishermen happy...

    Read a great article that kind of flies in the face of current fisheries management - but it helps to explain the explosion of bass and the decline in bluegill numbers.

    Can a lake be fished out?

    See you on the water!

  7. That is quite possibly the MOST interesting read about the biology of bass I have ever read!!!

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  8. castmaster00

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    i found a 4.5-5 lber off of a dam on north cleveland. snagged a tube while it was falling off of a surface mat. middle of summer, man that was a pretty fish:)
  9. I've only fished that lake two or three times, but never really had any luck with bass. We caught a lot of panfish, but no bass. Guess I'll have to check it out again this year!
  10. What a fantastic turn around! I remember last year everyone complaining that there were not Bass in Mogadore. :)
  11. esox62

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    that was for sure the most interesting read on bass biology i ever read...thanks! just a great article. everyone here should read it...
  12. His population studies are very interesting to say the least!

    I think the feeding behavior and the fish's ability to become conditioned stuff might need some further followup.;)
  13. There are still no Bass in Mogadore, trust me no bass in Mogadore. ;)

    I have always had pretty good luck with the Bass in Mogadore especially up around the north dyke.
  14. Note the article date... it still suggests many of the things I have always said..."man is not that powerful compared to nature"... shy of coal ash screaming down a mountain with a levee break or somthin' that is.

    I did forward the article to some bio friends for more info with their familiarity with his work- I'd like to know their take.

    I would bet if we hit the weather right for the Spring Open event 4/5 we might see that 4lb+ per fish average make it to the scales. I doubt much in between- feast of famine for this event. A sack or one BIG fish for first!!! I just wanna be warm!!!

  15. ParmaBass

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    Since when has it ever been warm for one of your Spring Opens?? Mabey this will be the one!!
  16. Erterbass

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    Great point, Nip. Moggie has been through cycles before and has always recovered. Last year at this time I believe the comments were all about the lack of weeds and that the lake would be doomed.

    Nature adjusts just fine without us!

    Here's to the 4lb average for the April event!


    P.S. Let us know what your biologist friends say about the article
  17. allwayzfishin

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    can i take a boat on mogadore with an outboard attached but with no gas and the motor tilted up out of the water? just using the bow mount to get around. otherwise i would have to use the canoe. not fun when the wind blows.
  18. Erterbass

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    Nope. Mogadore requires all gas motors, gas cans, etc. be removed from the boat. Purely electric or 'human powered' boats...

  19. Here is one response thus far Erter. I don't have permission to ID him but here's a bit:

    I love the science guys- they are always so positive :)