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Mog and Nimi; new to the lakes

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by AKBassin, Jun 21, 2004.

  1. A buddy and I just got a boat and have been fishing mostly Mogadore and Nimisila, sometimes at Portage, with little luck. We've been catching only a couple of bass a trip, and only in the 12-14 inch range. I thinks its just because we're fishing in the wrong places. Anyone have any advice or some spots to start hammerin them?

    We've mainly been fishing Zoom flukes and bass assassins, as well as texas rigged (pumpkin) lizards and (purple) worms..
  2. ncraft150

    ncraft150 Buckeye-Basser

    Nimisila is one of my favorite lakes. (You might want to try Long Lake also. The hole lake is no wake, but you can still run a gas motor up to 400hp.) The best bass fishing for me has been out of the south ramp on Cristman Road for Nimi. The island produces well right out from the campground ramp(don't use this ramp unless you pay to camp or you will be ticketed.) as well as a old road bed that runs out near the ramp on Main Street. The weed edges between the island and campground ramp produce well also. Most of my fishing at Nimi is in the spring. The coves have always produced smaller fish for me. This lake and Long Lake are the two best big bass lakes around here. I've seen fish from Nimi and Long up to 8#'s and my personal best is 7# on Long. As far as Portage. I have a couple secret spots, but there is a lot of presure on this lake. Unless your one of the local experts on this lake I would only expect to average 12". fish. Jerkbaits in the spring get big fish though.

  3. The hot color at Nimisila is Red Shad right now.

  4. johnboy111711

    johnboy111711 SOLID MEAT

    fish senkos at mog. and the other lakes on the weed edges.
  5. Thanks, i'll be going out to Nimi Wednesday night, we'll see what happens. I'll pick up some red shad worms. I've got some 4" pumpkin/chart & some green pumpkin senkos on the way. I got em off ebay for only $4.99 for 50. Anyone have any experience with these as far as quality and durability goes.
  6. ParmaBass

    ParmaBass Kiss The Converse

    BUZZBAITS at night around the reeds off of the South end ramp. Caught many 3+ lb'ers as soon as started to get dark. If you don't get any the first time around them turn around and hit it again. Your Ebay senkos will work just fine, just got some myself and I'm very pleased.
  7. fished nimi tuesday kinda windy but still caught ten or so mostly north end on the weeds pretty good size as well zoom 4 inch on slider head june bug we try all diff colors always come back to june bug pruduces fish every time without fail
  8. 7 inch red flake power worm for spring and fall,and summer we goto 4 inch black power seems to always a hot color out there be it spinners worms or jigs....been tryin my hand at the walleyes out there,with only one 22 incher to show for it so blade warm harness,at a slow troll,near the west side gas well,last saturday..the only thing i dont understand is the weeds,was really choked last couple of yrs this yr there not all the bad....but always out there green john boat with red and white reflecting tape on the front..