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  1. Going up north again this week end. Might stop at mnt gilead state park. anyone do any fishing there? We'll be in Morral, Ohio (Marion county) for the week end. If you know of any good fishing places up there let me know.

    I recall going to a lake that had an ampetheter and showed the finding nemo movie but I can't recall if it was mnt gilead. Do you know?

  2. Can't help you with the Mount Gilead questions but if you are going to be in Morral the Killdeer upground would be an option. Only about 6 miles give or take from there. Water level is low but still fish to be caught. From shore catfish probably best bet and myabe opportunity for some other species but from boat there have been some walleye being caught on harnesses. There are other pond options at KD also but I am not familar with those.

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    Matt D

  3. Thanks Matt. no boat and 3 kids so shore fishing is only option for us. However, we've always had a good time even though fishing has been slow. Yesterday husband caught a bass from the local resevoir. we go there to just let the girls catch blue gill which they do a lot. almost every time they cast.

    We'll have to check out killdeer.
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  5. Thanks! I did a google search and we are very very close I'm talking 15 minutes from killdeer. We may leave early just to go there 1st before we go to our cabin.