Mitchell Report and Steroids

Discussion in 'Sports Talk' started by BiteMyLine, Dec 14, 2007.

  1. BiteMyLine

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    What a shame to find out Roger Clemens was keeping his dominant career alive using steroids. Could this be the end of "The Rocket" and his quest for the Hall. What about all the others named by the report, 85 players past and present. Simply amazing and I'm anxious to see how Bud Selig repsonds to the findings and what he does to take action against all the players. It was expected to be an eye-opening report but wow, just check it all out for yourselves.
  2. KaGee

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    I thought the strike had finished my interest in MLB but slowly I had been renewing it. This just kills everything for me. How do you now know who's juiced and who's not? MLB has sunk to the bottom of the sea joining the NBA. Neither have any credibility anymore.

    Now what about the NFL?? HGH supposedly is undetectable.