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  1. I have 2, 6 food medium action Mitchell Fulcrum spinning rods that I have never used. I have one 5'9" baitcaster rod that had been used. They are the older style with the Grey foam. Ive had them sitting around awhile. I've read on the net that these rods are very hard to come by and are very sought after. Anyone hot a clue as to how much they may be worth or what to sell them for?
  2. Those rods used to sell for about $40. My dad had a couple of them. I got a 6ft. casting rod at an odd lots one time for $19.99.

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    Where did you read this? I'm curious.....

    I had one when I was a kid-it snapped and I returned it.

    Seeing how they were a fairly low-end rod I'd guess $10.00-$30.00 on eBay, IF you find a guy that's looking for them. Rods don't hold their value at all. I've sold a few Loomis and St Croix and I'm lucky to get 60% of what the rod retailed for....and these are $300.00+ rods.

    Good luck. :p
  4. I got on the net and did a search for them because I was looking for a longer rod. Everywhere had posts talking about them and how popular they were and how hard they are to find now. Ive seen a few of the pro models that have a cork handle on ebay, lat time i saw one like mine it went for almost a hundred bucks. Probably would have gone higher but ebay buyers tend to be cheapsters.
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    $100 for a Mitchell Fulcrum ?

    If you jump on EBay right now you'll see a pro series for $24.95 w/ 16 hours left. (maybe you can judge the value of yours from the final sale price of that one, even thought it's a pro model) I remember seeing the foam handle ones on clearance at Meijers in Beavercreek a year or so ago.

    You can also do a search right here on OGF. If you type in "Mitchell Fulcrum" you'll see there's been a few on sale here before.

    Actually most of the time, my experience has been the exact opposite, as I see items on Ebay go for way more than what you'd expect.
  6. Right now there is a Mitchell Fulcrum Pro Rod on ebay for 99.00 bucks right now. 270169845684 Is the item number, do i sound crazy now?
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    The Fulcrum rods you desribed in your post were the original older Fulcrum w/ the grey foam. The rod on EBay under item #270169845684 is much different.
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  9. The originals were made of grey colored foam. They later switched to the cork. I really never was a fan of cork so i mever purchased the newer style ones
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    Just an idea, but when I was looking for a couple rods that St Croix stopped making, I called and talked to them (St Coix). They informed me that yes the rods were discontinued but they had some there @ their warehouse that they sold me. It may be worth a shot in your situation to call Mitchell/Pure Fishing.
  11. I have several Fulcrum baitcasting rods if someone is looking for them. I have most of the different sizes on hand. All are used but in good condition. I also have one of the Pro series with the cork handle. I believe this is a 6'6 MH.
  12. You wouldnt happen to have any for spinning reels would ya? Ive only got 2 baitcasters, one for catfishing and the other for bass fishing that i have never used.
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    About a yr and a half ago, I bought 2 new ones from for $35 with Rattlesnake reels.(the old style, with gray foam) Sold one reel for $10 and gave the other away, the rods is what I was after. They have been discontinued since then. Wish I'd of bought the other two they had as I've broke one accidentally. One very light and comfortable rod!!
  14. I had two Fulcrum spinning rods but sold both of them already. I only have baitcasting rods left.
  15. I could always try one of the baitcaster ones. Really never use the one i got but might be worth a shot. How much you looking to get?
  16. Hey guys just letting you know of another of the "pro" series on ebay...This is my first I cant post the link...Just use the search tool on ebay "mitchell fulcrum"

    Yes it is mine...and it is in really good shape. Hit me up with any questions


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    I love the one I own. Use it almost everytime I'm out. How much do you want for it and where are you?