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My boys have been in Florida this past visiting with their grand parents. They have been having lots of fun with the rest of family, my wife, and two daughters. I have been here working-work has been real busy lately and I could not really afford to take time off.
They are on there way home tonight and I cannot wait to see all of them.
My youngest did catch his first saltwater fish. He caught three pin fish!
My oldest landed a puffer fish and a grunt. He has the luck of catching a flounder as well as a Mackeral. So proud of my boys and their fishing abilities!
I managed to hit the GMR a couple times this past weekend but did not have much success. The river was in pretty good shape but I could not get the fish to bite. I did manage one smallie on a Rippin Rapala Bone Color, one 16" Saugeye, and one drum both those came on my favorite color curly tail-tomato core. I also landed a Buffalo but could not get a picture. I got him up to the edge of the bank but could not get him any further. Landed on a white curly tail. Not quite the size of my four year old's Buffalo that some of you might remember from earlier in the year.
Probably the most excitement I had was hooking into a Gar. He hit on a Rebel WeeR. He went airborn 3 times and on the last leap which was right in front of me he spit the hook. He was ever bit 36".
Still I was disappointed I did not have better luck. The river was still up a little but visibility was getting better. I could see in the water about 2 to 3 inches which was the best that it has been in a while. Maybe I was not using the right bait or just simply wasn't my time to catch fish or maybe I just need my fishing partners back-my boys!


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