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  1. don't really know where to begin on this.......but here goes.

    I'm sure you are all aware of the missing girl (9mos. pregnant) in North Canton - and all the circumstances surrounding her disappearance. Well, she lived RIGHT behind our office......and currently there's a helo up - been there all morning flying/hovering around. there's also a TON of people looking around the neighborhood - through our dumpster and everything.

    I just pray she's found alive and well, along with her unborn daughter. I've got a gut feeling she won't be - and the "boyfriend" is the culprit. He's a piece of trash - I know him, played ball against him years ago. He's a piece of chit.

    I'm curious if anybody in the area has a police scanner and has heard anything?? I mean she's been missing for over a week now and this is the first I've seen of a helo or this many people out looking..........this coming on the heels of the search of his house (2 times) yesterday/last night.

    Please keep her and her family in your prayers.......
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    I hope they find her also and that there is nothing wrong with the baby. It's such a shame. Let's all hope this turns out okay!

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    they had sonar ,so they will prolly be searching water?? i don't think the outcome will be positive on this one.
  4. Yeah - paper said today that an outfit from Texas has joined the search. This guy that runs this outfit is a building contractor by trade and has no experience in law enforcement, but after his daughter got abducted he started this search outfit. Guess they've got a 2 1/2 foot drone with sonar on board.

    Helo has been circling all morning - hasn't stopped yet. People all over the place looking everywhere.

    Not to make light of this serious situation, but I was out back behind our pole building (work) and cutting some brush/trees around the air conditioner so we can get it fixed, with a chainsaw earlier this morning...........didn't think anything about it, now I'm glad I didn't wait any longer. Would have made for an ackward (sp?) situation.
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    yeah the crew from texas probably brought the sonar and everything else just incase....logistically, shipping stuff you forgot in texas to ohio is a bit of a haul so id assume that they brought all the toys so they are ready for any situation.... theres a line from the movie AVP that sums it up... "same principle as a condom. Id rather have one and not need it, then need it and not have one" i think its a smart move..... summit special response has a deep diving robot.... i dont even think summit county has any water thats deep enough to where they need it... oh well
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    my dad said that he just heard on the radio that they had found a fresh grave..... although they didnt say what was in it
  7. what station was that on?

    did it say where they found it? could be a dog or something.......let's hope that's all it is.
  8. It's all we've worked on the last week here at TV 3, just about.

    I'm working on "OUTDOORS" stories today, but everyone in teh newsroom is following the situation...

    Haven't heard anything, just the big search going on.
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    ch 19 reported they have found what appears to be a shallow fresh dug grave by some old strip mines. evidence is now being collected in the area.

    Just got this from Fox News alerts
  11. http://www.woio.com/

    live link of video from chopper circling the area..........they are right above my office.......strip mine area is right down the road.
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    their video is up of their newsbreak in the right video box..... the left one is a live chopper feed but all its doing is showing people standing around in a field.... the only cops ive seen have been on the road area
  13. they might be waiting for the proper personel to get there????
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    looks like a kegger in the middle of a field and the cops just arrived to me...... if the worst does happen... i hope whoever did it is nailed with a double homicide........... this brings back memories of the Theresa Andrews murder that happened here in ravenna in 2000 where she was killed and her baby was cut out of her....... stuff that makes you cringe.... seriously.....
  15. makes me wanna puke. that cutts is an ******* anyhow - i played softball against him years ago. he also got hired before i did on the canton police dept, even though i scored better on the test than he did.

    I'll give you one guess as to why.
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    No, I can't even begin to guess why, please enlighten us ????? Unbelievable that this type of thought process is still around......I don't know if this guy is innocent or guilty but there are going to be a lot of people with egg on their face if this turns out to be something it isn't.
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    Please don't even attempt to go there ;)
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    Probably because he was better looking...! :D
  19. Huh?? What?? Go where?? LOL. I can see this one going downhill FAAAAASST!!!