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Missed rutting buck tonite

Discussion in 'Bucks and Does' started by 5Cent, Dec 2, 2004.

  1. Was totally caught offguard by a nice 6 or small 8pt tonite hunting w/ my buddy. Only way I knew he was there behind the blind is he grunted. Then a doe come running by at about 60 yrds up the hill and he soon appeared, shot, clean miss. Dang mossberg 500,lol! Anyways, this is the latest i've seen a buck chasing does, how many have seen this to during gun season.
  2. Hey 5Cent I shot a nice 8 pt. buck on Monday afternoon that was hot on the heels of three does. They didn`t seem to be to receptive to him as they didn`t slow down as they passed by my tree stand at 15 yards. Lucky for me they hit another trail and did a ninty degree turn giving me another oppertunity for a shot. I swung the scoped 870 ahead to a clear spot where I could deliver a 1 oz. suprise to Mr. 8 pt. Had venison tonight for dinner! Delicious, The mount should be ready in 3 or 4 months. :)

  3. Heck ya! Been seeing lots of deer the last few days, got the stand in the right place for the weekend, hopefully he'll be back or a mama walks by! Enjoy that venison, i'm jealous :D
  4. My brother-in-law was just telling me last night that he had bucks running a couple of hot does on Sunday night just before gun season. He actually had 6 small bucks running these two does right around him. None of the bucks was a shooter. Then shortly later two more "BIG" boys showed up for the party. He never got a shot at either one but he said it was obvious that at least one of those does was sizzling.;) It is not uncommon at all to see hot does at this time of the year. If there is a large deer population or just simply not enough bucks to make their rounds the second cycle can be pretty busy. Set your calendar for the third cycle as well. I would imagine there will be reports of the same thing happening during muzzleloader season. This is all the more reason to get back out and hunt the next few weeks if you have not filled that buck tag. That is what I plan to do.