Misquito ?

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  1. Heading to Misquito in the morning . Any suggestions ???
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    Drift the 88 stumpfield or bouy line at north end. Take some microspoons with you. The crappies are slammin em.



    if the weather cooperates this weekend that is where i will be this sunday hopefully slammin the crappies and maybe some eyes.
  4. Well we went today from 6:30am until noon and we only caught two fish . One small walleye and a decent sized catfish . I must be doing something wrong ! Could be I'm a slow learner too .

    I'll probably try again one day next week .
  5. brian-go to milton or berlin and jig shallow water til skeeter heats up!(sounds like they already have!) also, i see you're from newton falls. i think that's where november's bait and gun is now? have you been there?
  6. Here is a very informative post from a couple of days ago regarding Mosquito

    Here's some help on mosquito some of the nicer walleye are moving into short weed growth good spot to start is the 5 to 10 ft water on the west side of south end after the first island all the way to the causeway.Worm bite is on so pitch or drift live bait jigs with half a crawler in this area or drift harnesses twisters and lindy rigs tipped with half a crawller or worm.If your in the right area you should catch or mark old weed growth. Remember if you catch a fish mark the area an work it a while it will usually improve your catch drastically. Numbers of walleye and good crappies being caught in stump field near 88 on west side of south end using same techniques as mentioned above also trolling shad baits and small minnow baits at about 2.1 mph produced alot of walleyed and crappies hot colors firetiger shad rap and black and sivler big I on lead core, get baits near bottom.If you go to east side of the north end in the 9 to 11 ft stump field near bouy line and do the same things you should pick up some fish there.Troll also 20 ft to 14 ft water in red barn area get shad baits down to the bottom and make sure to hit hard bottoms and stumps don't troll in straight line make turns will improve bite.Only had good luck with firetiger ,blue silver,black silver,bluegill and chartreuse shad raps and flicker shads #5.This type of trolling produced me and Sam Cappellis 12.54 pound 5fish weight for first place two weekends ago and third place this weekend in the area tourny.Buy the way two the guys who placed in the new western walleye circuit there is a nice pic in the fish and
    field paper.and congrats to those who placed this weekend and thanks to those who fished the Western reserve walleye association it seems are numbers are getting smaller.Being in the club has helped me become a better fisherman and I have learned alot so I hope reports likenthese will help someone enjoy a day of fishing just don't ask for info before a tourny that's the only time I wont help. Back to fishing if kids get bored mosquito marina near 305 ramp east side back in those bays can be alot of fun for kids they usually hold good numbers of gills perch and bass. And for more reports good bait,food and gopd people (well) go see cathy and joe at the state park marina later good fishing

    John stout
  7. John, that was an excellent report. Thanks, buddy.
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    If your there Sunday your in for a treat. The X-SERIES starts at 7am till 3pm for the weighin. There should be 80 boats in the qualified locked field of near pro-anglers. This should be like watching an FLW or BASS in person. You can learn a lot sometimes from just watching. We'll be out there just to look, learn and listen.
    later ya'll
    don m
  9. C.J. , Thanks for the advice . I don't know of that bait shop . Can you tell me where it is located ?

    All Eyes ,
    Thank you very much for the information ! Maybe it will help this old dog learn some new tricks .